A mindful journey to motherhood

Courtney Somer, Prenatal Yoga Specialist, Aromatherapist, Holistic Nutritionist & Founder of Lake & Skye, shares her tips for a calm and peaceful pregnancy.


Pregnancy is one of the most important times of your life to take care of yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually. While pregnant, your relationship with your little one has already begun. The baby energetically feels what you feel – such as, your state of mind and how you interact with the world are being transmitted to your baby.

The reality is as your body grows and expands so does the roller coaster of fragile emotions. Some days are a steady stream of near tears or a state of cringe inducing nausea – and it’s all ok. This magnification of life makes it a wonderful time to use mindful techniques as tools to reduce stress and create a peaceful environment for both of you. Truth is, there is no better time to raise your consciousness.

The higher vibration you can achieve and maintain during pregnancy will leave a lasting imprint on your child. So finding ways to ease yourself through this time in the most calm, uplifting way possible is a wonderful gift, and one of the first, you can give to your baby.

Here are 7 ways to increase your mindfulness and raise your vibration during pregnancy:

  1. Your environment and the company you keep. If you’re not eating junk food for your body, why put it in your mind or your space? Make an effort to surround yourself with positive people, read uplifting books, listen to beautiful music. Try not to indulge in negative circumstances or conversations. Create a calm and serene environment as much as possible. Especially if your work environment is more demanding, then create the peace at home. You can do this by having fresh flowers, lighting candles, de-cluttering, surrounding yourself with soft/light colored textures for things such as your clothes, blankets and towels. Put your favorite art or photos where you will see them often.
  2. Meditation. We’ve all heard of the benefits of meditation – it being a huge help to clear and direct the mind, lower blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety amongst them. Finding a dedicated quiet time to connect with yourself and your baby every day is key. Think about it this way, what meditation does for the mind is what going to the gym does for your body. If you don’t already meditate, don’t worry; you can start easily and slowly, for as little as 3 minutes a day. It also helps to train your mind to guide you through the flow of change that comes with pregnancy and as a tool to be used during birth.

Here is a beginner’s guide to meditation

Slow Down

As your baby grows, your to-do list shouldn’t. I know there is a lot to do to get ready for a baby, I had all those lists that I fretted over for months. But your body and your baby need to have ample time to rest. If you are doing too much in the later months, usually your baby will let you know. I was still rushing to work every morning and spending long days at the office in my first pregnancy when one day I fell while walking in the street. Everything was fine with the baby, but it was a wake up call for me. It was clear that I was moving way too fast and needed to slow down. Listen to your body. Change up your routine, create space in your calendar and respect the body’s need to slow down. Nap, watch movies, nest and hydrate.

Practice flexibility

Pregnancy brings about a need for flexibility in the body, to grow, stretch and expand to prepare for birth. It’s also symbolic of how you will need to expand and flex as a mother. Motherhood is life magnified and a time of big change and with it comes the need to be able to surrender and to let go of things we need to let go of. Some ways to do this are to create a list of your hopes for your birth instead of a concrete plan, let your partner control some of the things you usually do, such as dinner or switch up your routine, something as simple as a new route to work.

Prenatal yoga is a great form of exercise to use throughout as a way to keep fluidity in your body and movements and to connect with your baby. Also walking is one of the best exercises you can do while pregnant and is a great way to keep in shape and it helps initiate labor. Deep breathing allows for a deeper connection to the baby and your own resourcefulness. It is something you always have with you. Tight, shallow breathing in the upper chest creates restrictions in the body. Set a timer on your phone and every 15 or 30 min, take one minute and breathe deeply.

Self Care

Who says pregnancy needs to be so serious? Laugh, dance, sing, and make an effort to be happy and joyful. Do things for fun. Babies love to be bounced, to dance, to sing, they feel this in the womb. Life will change so much after the baby is born, do things for yourself and that make you happy. You will not regret the time you take for yourself now.

Trust yourself

One thing for certain that comes with pregnancy and birth is the amount of advice, and information available. Look to these for techniques and inspiration but remember, no journey, no birth or child is the same. Learn to trust one person above all and to listen to your intuition, this also comes in handy as a mother! You have an inner knowing as a woman that will only grow during this time. Your body, your soul and your baby already know the answers. The clearer your mind is and the more connected you are to yourself, the more you can hear.

Move & breathe

Walking and movement does wonders for nausea. It helps to balance the brain, hormones and nervous system.

“From the beginning of life to its end it is only a mother who can vibrate for her child and change his destiny.” – Yogi Bhajan

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