6 Kid Podcasts For Your Vacation

If you’re looking for screen-free fun for your kids these holidays, look no further than your podcast app! Free to stream, we’ve found six kid-friendly podcasts that are entertaining, enlightening, educational and easy for both parents and kids to listen to.

Boy listening to a podcast on a roadtrip

It’s no secret that podcasts are the new black.

Growing in popularity daily, adults are binge listening to true crime, political commentary and inspirational shows like Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. (Which we highly recommend!)

Up until recently, there didn’t seem to be a lot of content available for kids. Luckily the people at American Public Media, Gimlet, NPR and Timbuktu Labs have caught on that little minds are craving inspiring, educational and entertaining stories too.

If you’re planning a road trip, gearing up for a long haul flight or simply want to swap late night movies for family podcast listening, you’re going to want to know about these six kid-friendly podcasts. Available on pretty much any Wifi connected device, they’re free to stream and will provide hours of screen-free fun.


#1 Brains On

Brains On Podcast

Hosted by the energetic and intelligent, Molly Bloom, Brains On is a science podcast for kids and curious adults. With episodes that help explain everything from feelings to allergies to smells to black holes, they also help kids answer questions like, ‘Why are smart phones so hard to put down?’, ‘Do all animals fart?’ and ‘Where did language come from?’

We particularly love the format because children around the world can send in questions and get to be guests on the show. Our children love hearing kids with different accents and learning that even though they sound different, they have a lot of the same thoughts!


#2 Smash Boom Best

Smash Boom Best Podcast


Also hosted by Molly Bloom, Smash Boom Best is a debate show that teaches kids about the world around them while showing them the tools needed to form their own opinions.

With topics like Grand Canyon vs Mount Everest, Castles vs Caves, Books vs Movies – the debaters are informed, entertaining, funny and easy for kids to connect with.


#3 Forever Ago

Forever Ago Podcast

Brought to you by the same minds behind Brains On and Smash Boom Best, Forever Ago is a history podcast for kids. Hosted by the loveable Joy Dolo, every week she explores the origin of a cool thing…like shoes, cameras, video games, umbrellas, clocks and even emojis by chatting with kids, historians, and professionals! Presented in a way that’s easy for kids to understand, there’s an element of story telling that will get you hooked!


#4 Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls Podcast

Inspired by the book series, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, this wonderful podcast will help both girls and boys fall asleep at night while learning about women who dared. Read by great women of today, each episode covers the life, adversity and accomplishments of women like Frida Kahlo, Queen Nanny, and Yusra Mardini.

Equal parts entertaining and inspiring, this podcast is designed to spark joy, inspire change and build confidence in children.


#5 Story Pirates

Story Pirates Podcast 

Delivered in an often colorful and dramatic fashion, Story Pirates whisks you away into a world of stories written by kids just like yours! Performed with tons of energy, this is an insanely fun podcast for kids who enjoy musical theatre, pantomime and good old fashioned slap stick jokes!


#6 Wow in the World

Wow In The World Podcast

NPR’s first podcast for kids and families, Wow in the World, is truly wow!

Hosted by Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, you and your kids will be entertained by stories about science, technology and new discoveries. Ever wondered about the evolution of eyebrows? What about the Pleistocene Epic aka the Ice Age? Fuelled by curiosity, Raz and Mindy will take you time traveling to some of the world’s most fascinating times and leave you feeling full of knowledge and fun.



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