5 Things To Do With Your Kids to Celebrate Intl Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is the perfect teaching opportunity for parents. It’s a great time to discuss tricky concepts such as equality and discrimination, but also to introduce children to significant moments in history such as the suffragette movement and inspirational women to admire. Here are a few ways to get your little ones involved and interested in the day.

A mother celebrating IWD with kids

#1 Draw a woman you look up to


Download our portrait template here and ask your child(ren) to draw a woman they find inspiring. Then ask them why they have chosen that particular person and have them list down the qualities they admire.


#2 Donate to a charity that supports women


Not only is altruism a great lesson for kids to learn, but it opens up the conversation about the issues that women face in society. Select a range of worthy charities and talk to your children about each one and what their mission is. Then allow them to choose the charity they would like to donate an allocated amount to.


#3 Read books about inspirational women


Now is the time to educate your kids about all the trailblazing women who paved the way before them. From Amelia Earhart to Rosa Parks and more, make bedtime stories on International Women’s Day extra special—and inspiring.


#4 Watch a movie with an inspiring female protagonist


Grab some popcorn and settle in for a movie that features a great female character (bonus points if there is more than one). This could be anything from Harry Potter’s Hermione, to

Star Wars’ Rey and the line-up of amazing space race mathematicians in Hidden Figures.


#5 Draw different occupations


This is an interesting activity that allows children to think about gender stereotypes. Download our worksheet here, and have them draw occupations such as a firefighter to a nurse and astronaut to see how many they would draw as a man and how many as a woman. Use this as a way to kick start a conversation with them about how both men and women are able to fulfill different job roles.


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