5 Benefits Of Natural Toothpaste

Considering swapping to natural toothpaste? Here are five benefits of making the change + our review of RiseWell’s options for the whole family.

natural toothpaste

Finding natural toothpaste that actually works (and tastes good!) is not always the easiest task on the list. Some have no taste and instantly turn to a hard flaky substance, while others leave you you feeling like you didn’t even brush at all.

As advocates for clean-living, our standards are pretty high when it comes to what goes on and in our bodies. That’s why we always ensure the products we use and recommend pass The Tot Test. This means, we’ve reviewed their third-party testing and approved their ingredients list. Shockingly, many toothpaste brands that claim to be ‘natural’ are not really that natural nor safe.

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • The benefits of natural toothpaste
  • What ingredients to avoid in toothpaste
  • Which natural toothpaste we recommend


The Benefits of Natural Toothpaste


#1 When brushing your teeth, it’s inevitable that you’ll swallow or absorb some of the toothpaste. By using a natural option, you don’t have to worry about any potentially harmful ingredients getting into your body.


#2 Natural toothpaste is free of dyes that can potentially cause behavioral issues. This is particularly important for children with delicate nervous symptoms.


#3 It’s less abrasive than mainstream toothpaste, which can actually cause your gums to prematurely recede.


#4 It’s kinder to the environment. The excess toothpaste that goes down your drain eventually makes its way to the ocean. You can help protect the environment by using earth-friendly ingredients.


#5 It’s more sustainable to produce. By opting for natural and renewable ingredients, you’re opting for a more people and earth-friendly product.


Ingredients to Avoid in Toothpaste


  • Yellow #5 (Know carcinogen that is also linked to hyperactivity in children)
  • Sorbital and Saccharin (Artificial sweeteners that can cause diarrhea)
  • Carrageenan (linked to inflammation)
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) (Can cause eye and skin irritations)
  • Triclosan (hormone disruptor and puts children at risk for allergies, asthma and eczema)
  • Propylene glycol (poses risks to your central nervous system)
  • Fluoride (too much can lead to bone disease, thyroid issues, and neurological problems)


Tot-Approved Natural Toothpaste

To say we were excited when we discovered RiseWell is an understatement. The brand, which was founded by husband-wife duo, Kori and John Estrada, utilizes a game-changing ingredient called hydroxyapatite.

This naturally occurring mineral makes up 97% of our teeth’s enamel and is scientifically-proven to chemically bind your tooth surface without toxicity or inflammation. All made in the USA, they have both toothpaste and bamboo toothbrush options for the whole family!

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Risewell Kids Toothpaste


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RiseWell Kids Set







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RiseWell Bamboo Toothbrush – Set of 3






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