5 Newborn Baby Registry Items I’m Still Using 8 Months Later

Planning a baby registry can be daunting. But it needn’t be. One mom shares her most used baby products 8 months on.

mom holding a baby in an organic sling

Assembling a baby registry as a first time parent felt overwhelming, which is why I put it off until well into the second trimester. I quite literally had no idea where to start. I’d hardly held any babies before having my own, let alone considered what products they needed to survive. I’d later learn that many of the gadgets and gear were more for MY survival than my son’s.

While there are products I wish I’d gotten, and items I didn’t really use (ahem, baby swing), I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the things I’ve used from the newborn days until now, 8 months later.


Top 5 Newborn Baby Registry Items


#1 Solly Wrap


There are a lot of carriers out there. Trust me, I think I might own half of them. But, the one that’s proven the test of time from week one until now is the Solly Wrap. One long piece of fabric seems intimidating, especially during the first few days postpartum when everything is hard. 

“The Solly is perfect”

The Solly is perfect. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and is simple to store. I wore the Solly almost every hazy newborn day. It gave me freedom to do things around the house, go grocery shopping alone, work at a coffee shop, and some afternoons it was the only way I could get him to nap. Fast forward to seven months in and I’m still using it! I’ve since graduated to wearing more structured carriers for longer outings, but because it packs up so well, I always keep one at the bottom of my diaper bag just in case.


#2 Baby Bjorn Bouncer


I had several friends swear by this bouncer, and I can see why. I would have started using the bouncer earlier but my son was so tiny that the first time we put him in, he could have easily slid his whole body out of one of the leg holes. Most babies will not have a problem using it from day one. It’s a great, safe place to plop baby down when you need to be hands-free for a moment or two. 

It’s a great, safe place to plop baby down…

I love its slim and simple design. It’s easy to store flat or take it as an essential baby gear item when traveling. It’s so easy to move, we use this thing all over the house. Our son has watched us put away laundry, shower, and cook dinner while peacefully observing his surroundings from the safety of the bouncer. The detachable toy bar has been a fan favorite the whole time.


#3 Muslin Swaddles


It’s hard not to buy like, fifty muslin swaddles because there are too many cute prints out there. We currently have about six or seven and that was and continues to be too many, but it’s FINE. Muslin swaddles are all purpose. 

Muslin swaddles are all purpose...”

During the newborn phase I used them as swaddles, burp clothes, blankets, car seat covers, and as something to wrap around my own head when sleep deprivation caused me to go full cuckoo. Now I use them for… basically all the same things, except as their original intention: a swaddle. Cue the nostalgic waterworks.


#4 Snuggle Me


The Snuggle Me is a literal life raft during the newborn phase. You’ll need a safe, cozy place to set down your baby, and the Snuggle Me is perfect. Like the bouncer, we’ve used it in every room of the house, but it had a pretty permanent spot on the couch in between feedings, diaper changes, and cuddles. I recommend grabbing an extra cover to account for diaper leaks and spit ups. You won’t want to wait for laundry to use the Snuggle Me again. 

“…a literal life raft during the newborn phase

Admittedly, we don’t use the Snuggle Me too much anymore now that we have a squirmy baby, but I do bring it out to the mat for him to take a break when he seems overstimulated from play. It’salso a nice cushy place for him to practice sitting up with supportive side bumpers.


#5 Lovevery Activity Gym


Hands down this was the best thing we ever got. We use the activity gym every single day and show no signs of stopping. It’s been the perfect place to spend our wake windows and watching my son explore and discover new parts of the mat at different stages of development has been so fun.

Hands down this was the best thing we ever got

It’s extremely easy to wash and has held up beautifully. To my dismay, even the cats agree. See previous note about being machine washable.

It took me weeks to get my registry right, and now seven months later, I’m surprised at the things I still use today and the products I barely touched. Every baby is different, but from my experience these are truly investment pieces that will extend well into your baby’s first year.


My Top 5 Baby Registry Products


Solly Baby Carrier Natural Grey Stripe

Solly Baby New Standard Wrap Carrier






Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss in Charcoal

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss – Charcoal





HART + LAND Organic Striped Swaddles





HART + LAND organic Cotton muslin swaddle

HART + LAND Organic Solid Swaddles





Snuggle Me Organic Lounger and Cover

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger





Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Play Gym






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