10 Tips from Moms with Twins

If you are expecting or are a new mom of twins, you are now part of a wonderful community that offers an abundance of invaluable advice. Founder of Twin Love Concierge, Shannon O’Reilly-Fearn, explains.

Ashley P

Over the years, we have had the honor of meeting some wonderful moms who have been kind enough to share their twin tips with us. It was very difficult to narrow the list down but we managed to do it with some effort. Here are the Top 10 tips that will help you on your journey through parenting twins.

  1. Keep records. Keep a daily chart of feedings, poos, pees and sleeps (and more if necessary). Take this schedule in with you each time you visit the Pediatrician as you’ll never be able to remember all of the details – especially on limited sleep. Baby Connect is a really useful app that multiple users can access for multiple babies.
  1. Establish a routine. Set a bedtime routine as early as possible and try to get in the habit of putting the babies down drowsy but not asleep in the first few months. Starting the bath-bottle-bed routine early will help avoid the witching hour that can often occur between 4-7pm.
  1. Convenience is key. Sign up for a convenient diaper delivery service and save money at the same time. Amazon Mom and Diapers.com, to name but two, offer discounts when you bundle diapers, wipes and more together.
  1. Keep baby close. Plan to baby-wear from day one, even if it’s just one baby to begin with. If you are capable, tandem wearing with the Weego is a godsend when the twins are infants then progress to a front/back twin carrier later when they have full head support later when they have full head support.
  1. Circulate air. Keep a small fan in the nursery – circulating air across babies’ faces has been linked to lowering the risk of SIDS.
  1. Swaddle. Try different types of swaddles such as the Love to Dream butterfly style through to the Miracle Blanket (3 months +). It’s important to note that not all babies like to be swaddled the same way.
  1. Get a play yard. A play yard is every Twin parents’ best friend once they become mobile – having them safely enclosed means that you can get things done or even just sit and have a cup of tea while they play.
  1. Make new friends. As soon as you feel up to it, get out of the house everyday and join your local playgroup. Although it may seem like a challenge at first, being able to share the ‘twinsanity’ with other parents is so important and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
  1. Take photos. Invest in a good quality camera or phone that can capture all the precious moments – you won’t believe how often you’ll use it. Also, sign-up for Dropbox or equivalent so that you can save them offsite and allow you to take more and more and more without running out of memory.
  1. Stock up on onesies. The necks of onesies have been designed to be rolled down in the event of any unfortunate diaper explosions. You do not have to take them off over their heads


Photo by Ashley P @ashleyP2