7 Made By Mom Brands We Can’t Get Enough Of

Inspired by their growing bellies and inquisitive children, these seven mom-made brands were born out of a desire to fill a gap in the market. From seamless maternity wear to non-toxic play dough that smells just as good as it feels, we take a look at some of our favorite ‘mompreneurs’ and the thriving businesses they’ve created.

made ny moms brands

As parents, we’ve all internally wished for something that would make life with a baby easier, safer or more fun. Lucky for us, we’ve found some pretty incredible women who took their dreams and made them a reality.


#1 The Dough Parlour by Natalie Sabri

The Dough Parlour Flower Set 

Founded by preschool teacher and mama of 4, Natalie Sabri, The Dough Parlour creates non-toxic scented play dough that brings sensory play to the next level. All made with 100% natural ingredients found in her kitchen, the brand steers clear of chemical fragrances and dyes. Available for purchase in cute sets with rolling pins and cookie cutters, their dough allows kids to get creative, work through emotions and strengthen the tiny muscles in their hands.


#2 JEM + BEA by Rebecca da Silva Lima & Dominique Hughes

stylish diaper bag

As a former designer for brands like Burberry and Mulberry, Rebecca da Silva Lima knew just what to do when she couldn’t seem to find a suitable diaper bag – create her own! Along with her best friend, Dominique Hughes, the pair created JEM + BEA, a line of super chic, super functional and super stylish diaper bags, clutches, backpacks and crossovers. Including pieces you’ll use long after you need to fill them with diapers and wipes, they stick to high quality materials designed to stand the test of time.


#3 Little Goodall by Molly Goodall

Little Goodall Yellow Te Amo Elephants Hooded Wool Coat on girl 

At some point in your parenting career, you’re going to struggle to dress a two-year-old. This is the magical year that they’ve suddenly discovered that while it may be snowing outside, they MUST wear their swimsuit. Artist, designer and mother, Molly Goodall is no different. Desperate to find a way to get her son to wear his coat, she began dabbling with wool felts to create wondrous animal themed coats with detachable heads and tails. Suddenly – getting dressed meant having fun, so voilé, her problem was solved! All made by hand in Texas, the Little Goodall collection has evolved to include dresses, hats, pillows and more!


#4 Babynoise by Eve

BabyNoise Barbell Shaker musical instrument with baby 

In early 2017, Eve was a stay at home mama of two and on the quest for percussion instruments that fit in her children’s hands, weren’t made from toxic plastics and didn’t compromise her home’s décor. Unable to find anything that ticked all the right boxes, she launched BabyNoise, a line of kids’ sized musical instruments made from natural wood and hand painted with non-toxic paints by Eve herself. Today, she’s nearly a mama of three and her little passion project has taken the world by storm.


#5 Monti Kids by Zahra Kassam

Monti Kids Level 1 Kit 

As a Montessori-certified teacher, Monti Kids founder, Zahra Kassam, knew she wanted to give her a baby an enriching learning environment from day dot. Because most preschool programs don’t begin until age 3, she developed a multi level learning system designed to help kids develop cognitively and physically from 0-36 months. All of their products are made from sustainably forested wood, non-toxic paint and sent in 100% recyclable packaging.


#6 Blanqi by Valerie Darragh & Sabina Melarti

Blanqi Kids Everyday Maternity Leggings 

While maternity clothing has been around for centuries, best friends, Valerie Darragh and Sabina Melarti, changed the game when they created Blanqi, a line of leggings, shorts, and tops that are designed to provide support as well as style. Made from seamless materials that are buttery soft, breathable and totally stylish, you’re going to want to have your Blanqis on 24-7.


#7 Finn + Emma by Anna Schwengle

Finn & Emma Macrame Play Gym in Natural 

When Anna Schwengle became a mother, she wanted items for her baby that were eco-friendly, purposeful as well as stylish. Unable to find pieces that could be passed down from sibling to sibling regardless of gender, she created Finn + Emma, a whimsical, sustainable and ethically produced baby clothing, toy and gear range that is beloved for their use of GOTS Certified organic cotton, Birch wood and non-toxic finishes.