Craft Corner: Christmas Tree Craft

Looking for a cute (and easy) Christmas tree decoration to make with your little one this year? Look no further!

easy christmas craft

These Christmas trees look amazing hung from your tree, your mantle or simply from a lovely branch collected from your garden.

Playon crayons are easy to draw with and are the perfect shape and size for little hands.


  • Playon crayons
  • A4 Green card for the Christmas tree
  • Cardboard for the star and Christmas tree base
  • String
  • Ruler, pencil, glue, scissors, tape

How To Make Your Christmas Tree


Fold your A4 green card in half. Draw a triangle on the folded card.


Cut out the two triangles at once.


Cut out stars for the top of the tree and squares for the base. I always fold my card in half and cut two at once – this way, they’re always the same size!


Decorate the green Christmas trees with Playon crayons. Younger children can draw stripes, spots or wiggly lines while older children can draw Christmas decorations like lights, tinsel, bells, baubles, flowers or stars.


Use tape to stick your string to the back of the tree, star and base.


Glue the other tree, star and base on top.


Hang your Christmas tree ornament somewhere special where everyone can admire it!


Happy Holidays!