Nasiba’s Gift Picks for Baby’s First Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, The Tot Founder and mama of three, Nasiba Adilova, shares her gift picks for baby’s first Christmas.

There’s nothing quite like getting to experience Christmas with a new baby. It doesn’t matter if they’re 12-weeks-old or 12-months-old, getting to watch Christmas lights twinkle in their curious and awe-struck eyes is one of my favorite things in the world. As the mother of two boys and now a little eight month old girl, this momentous first occasion is something my growing family cherishes deeply, which is why I take pride in making each of my children’s first Christmas’ extra special.

Whether we’re at home or visiting family across the globe, I love starting or continuing traditions like reading Tiny Bee Gift Co.’s A Christmas Carol before we open presents. It’s important to me that my children understand the value of family and the meaning and purpose behind the holidays from Day 1. Life can get insanely busy or even down right turbulent, which is why embracing holidays that bring friends and family together to express love and gratitude is crucial. In a way Christmas marks the end of a year and can be a beautiful time to teach little ones about reflection as well as how special memory making can be.

When it comes to shopping for a baby, it can get a bit tricky, especially for those who don’t have kids yet and are unsure of what’s age appropriate. Even though babies tend to be equally fascinated by the wrapping paper as the present itself, thoughtfully picked presents really do often end up becoming heirloom pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. By shopping wisely now – you will have the opportunity to give items that will be played with for years, not months. The other pro of choosing age appropriate gifts is that they can serve as a great distraction on the day if you’re still busy trying to get Christmas dinner on the table or have a meaningful conversation with family and friends.

One special gift idea I really love is gifting a new baby a Marie Chantal Holiday Angel Wing Footie that they can then give to their baby on their first Christmas. Being able to pass down an outfit, sweater or rattle is sentimental and a great way to honor or remember the previous owner. It’s little things like this that add extra meaning to an already special time.

Like all items curated on The Tot, my picks for Baby’s First Christmas have been chosen because they’re ethically made, child-safe, versatile and made to last.


The Tot’s Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas


HART + LAND Organic Essential Ten Piece Baby Gift Set ($250)


Hart + Land $250 Gift Set in Micro Chip Grey



Billy Bibs Opal Bib


Billy Bibs Opal Bib



Marie-Chantal Angel Wing Bath Time Set


Marie Chantal Angel Wing Bath Time Set in White

Marie Chantal Angel Wing Bath Time Set in White



Monti Kids – Level 1 Infant Montessori Program


Monti Kids Level 1 Kit



Bioserie Shape Sorting Stacking Cube


Bioserie Shape Sorting Stacking Cube



Finn + Emma Macrame Swing


Finn + Emma Macrame Swing



4moms Mamaroo


4 moms Mama Roo Cool Mesh Grey



Solly Baby New Standard Wrap Carrier


Solly Baby New Standard Wrap Carrier Orion


Natursutten PaciPixy + Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifier


Natursutten PaciPixy Pacifier holder

Natursutten Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier in 6-12 month



Tartine et Chocolat Reindeer Footie


Tartine et Chocolate Holiday Raindeer Footed Onesie



Donsje Amsterdam Alfi Lining Boot


Donsje Alfi Lining Bootie in Burgundy



Tiny Bee Gift Co. A Christmas Carol


Tiny Bee Gift A Christmas Carol Book



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