Craft Corner: Gingerbread People Decorations

These adorable Gingerbread people make perfect gift cards, cute decorations for your Christmas tree or can be strung together to make a festive garland.

gingerbread man craft

Children love drawing and getting creative with Playon crayons. Not only are they the perfect size for little hands, but they are easy to draw with and can be stacked for storage. Here is what you need to get started on your gingerbread people!


  • Playon crayons (pastel colors)
  • A4 card for the gingerbread people
  • String
  • A variety of collage materials: buttons, wrapping paper, ribbon etc. to decorate the gingerbread people
  • Pencil, glue, scissors, tape, hole punch



Draw or trace your gingerbread person. I draw mine by folding a piece of card in half and drawing half of the gingerbread person against the middle fold of the card. This way, when I cut it out, both sides are symmetrical. Use this folded gingerbread person as your master copy and trace around it to make your other gingerbread people. You could also trace around a gingerbread cookie cutter if you have one.

Cut out your gingerbread people.


Use your Playon pastel crayons to draw and decorate your gingerbread people. Children can draw clothes, facial features, patterns, designs or really anything they can think of!


When your little ones have completed their drawings, they can further enhance their gingerbread people with collage materials.


To make a gift card… 

Attach string to the pack of your gingerbread person and write your Christmas message either on the front or back.  Attach to your gift.


To make a Christmas tree decoration…

Attach ribbon or string with tape to the back of your gingerbread person and hang from your tree.


To make a Gingerbread Person Garland

Cut and decorate several gingerbread people. Punch two holes on the bodies of your gingerbread people and thread ribbon or string through the holes (making sure the string goes on the back of your little people)

Hang your gingerbread person garland from your mantle, across a window or pop in any spot that needs a little Christmas cheer!