Nasiba Adilova: What Santa’s Giving My Tots This Year

The Tot Co-Founder and Mama of Two, Nasiba Adilova, shares her kids’ lists for Santa and why they’re choosing toys that are not only fun, but purposeful.

My kids love playtime. Whether my eldest is cooking up a meal in his Milton and Goose Play Kitchen or my baby is enjoying tummy time on his Nook Playmat, they’re all about enjoying life, which is why I’m having Santa bring them items that will keep them moving, creating and imagining.

This year, I focused on choosing musical instruments, books and toys that encourage my kids to use their imaginations while simultaneously enhancing their motor skills and cognitive development. Gifts like puzzles, shape sorters and slides are not only fun, but purposeful, which is always a must when it comes to shopping for my family.

My eldest’s List

Schoenhut Piano Company 5 Piece Drum Set


For over 140 years, the Schoenhut Piano Company has been the optimal choice for toy instruments. Their 5 Piece Drum Set incorporates many of the same features as a professional set and enables kids to work on their hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. Note to self: get earplugs.

Primo Toys Cubetto Playset

PrimoToysCubetto2PrimoToysCubetto5 PrimoToysCubetto1

Teaching kids how to use computers has never been more important, however, I’m not a huge fan of screen time, which is why I was thrilled when I discovered Cubetto. Cubetto is a wooden robot and control board designed to teach kids the basic principles of coding.

Petit Collage Petit Texas State Puzzle

PetitCollagePuzzlePetitTexas2 PetitCollagePuzzlePetitTexas1

Puzzle play is a great way to encourage critical thinking and hone fine motor skills. Since Dallas is our home, I just couldn’t resist getting this Texas puzzle for my son and his friends.

Baghera Classic Pedal Car

BagheraPedalCarRouge1  BagheraPedalCarRouge3

Inspired by the 30s, Baghera’s Classic Pedal Car is an heirloom item that I know both my joys will love. I also know it will be quite to workout for their little legs.

Jupiduu Slide

JupiduuSlideGreen1 JupiduuSlideBlue1

Exercise is important for a child’s development; it provides self-confidence, independence and plays a role in their willingness to learn. The Jupiduu slide is my absolute favorite because it actually looks good indoors and allows kids to keep moving on rainy or hot days.

Tiny Bee Gift Co. The Night Before Christmas Book


When Santa brings my son The Night Before Christmas, he’ll also bring a book to a low-income child thanks to Tiny Bee Gift Co.’s relationship with Baby2Baby. This is a great way for me to teach my tots the importance of giving back.

My baby’s List

Anne Claire Petit Crochet Mama Reindeer

AnneClairePetitReindeerMamaGreyStripe AnneClairePetitReindeerMultiStripe

Renowned for hand-crocheted toys and décor by skilled artisans, Anne Claire Petit has just added this adorable Mama Reindeer to their collection. This cuddle buddy is made of 100% organic cotton and can be used for fun or nursery flare. Also available in multi-stripe.

Three Pears Bobbin Triple Play Center

ThreePearsBobbinNatural2 ThreePearsBobbinMonochrome2

Nothing brings me more joy than when a kids activity center or crib is multi-functional. The Three Pears Bobbin Triple Play Center changes from a baby play center to a toddler activity table to a kid’s table making it the gift that truly does keep on giving.

Bioserie Shape Sorting Stacking Cube


Shape sorting is crucial for cognitive development and hand-eye coordination. It’s also very entertaining for babies. Made completely from plants, Bioserie’s Shaper Sorting Stacking Cube is a wonderful gift for babies learning to reach and grab.

Tiny Bee Gift Co. My First 100 Words Book


Just like TomTom’s book, Daniel’s will also allow a child from a low-income family to get a book. With 100 color photographs to look at and talk about, and 100 simple first words to read and learn, I know Daniel will love this sturdy board book.

Levis x The Tot Custom Denim Jacket


I am so excited about this gift because to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Levi’s trucker jacket, Levi’s and The Tot collaborated to produce a limited edition trucker jacket for kids, featuring art-pop patches and hand-drawn art.