8 gift ideas for two-year-olds

Your two-year-old is playful, imaginative and curious – and we have just the gifts to match.


At two, your tot is probably surprising you every day with new phrases, skills and confidence. Two-year-olds are notoriously plucky and can be quite commandeering, mainly because they want to show off their new skills without help from anyone. Including you!

All of this means that buying them gifts presents an opportunity to help them develop even more.

How your toddler is progressing


At two, little ones are comfortable expressing their emotions (perhaps a little too comfortable, sometimes!). This makes their imaginative play a lot more vivid. Dolls and stuffed toys that may otherwise have been ignored will now be used for play, making them ideal presents.

Understanding language

Two-year-olds can follow simple directions, and are starting to learn more spatial awareness. Puzzles can help with this. Two-year-olds are often eager to solve problems (without mom or dad’s help!) and can understand simple rules. Your toddler is also building a sizeable vocabulary, so books are always welcome gifts.


Two-year-olds love to copy adults – so toys that mimic adult activities, like cooking or cleaning, make perfect gifts.

Motor skills

Your two-year-old is starting to develop much better fine motor skills. She can kick a ball, walk up and down stairs without assistance, and run. Encourage this with a soccer ball she can kick around the yard, or a ball she can roll inside. And while her drawing skills might not yet be at gallery-level, most two-year-olds will enjoy scribbling. Again, give her something to work with: sometimes simple gifts like a box of crayons and plenty of blank paper work best.

The Tot edit: our picks for two-year-old gifts

  1. Korxx Brickle. Unlike other block sets, Korxx blocks have polished surfaces and beveled edges, making them perfect for even very small children. For little ones who love to build and create, these are the perfect present – the blocks are a blank canvas with which your tot can create whatever she likes.
  2. Solvej Baby & Toddler Swing. Suitable for use indoors and out, this beautifully crafted swing can be used for babies aged six months to six years. Two-year-olds in particular will love it, especially on rainy days when it’s too wet to head outside.
  3. Janod Toys Titus Dog Puzzle. Watch your little one develop fine motor and problem-solving skills as he tackles this adorable puzzle. At just 20 cm wide, it’s perfect for travel, too.
  4. Zoe Organics Deluxe Baby Gift Set. For the kid with everything, this gorgeous gift set is just the ticket. With five of Zoe Organics most-loved baby products (including the Everything Balm, which works wonders on cuts, scrapes and insect bites), your little one will feel very pampered indeed.
  5. Holly & Beau Color Changing Rain Coat in Cupcake: A raincoat that changes color in the rain? What two-year-old (or, for that matter, 35-year-old) wouldn’t want one? With lightweight protection from the elements, this stylish raincoat is a must on wet weather days.
  6. Holly & Beau Color Changing Rain Coat in RobotThis super cool raincoat also comes in an equally adorable & vibrant robot print.

  7. Wishbone 3-in-1 Bike – Recycled EditionIngeniously crafted from recycled carpet, the Wishbone 3-in-1 is super-adjustable, converting from push-trike to balance bike and from small to tall. This totally cool, functional and well-made piece is designed to be handed down.

  8. Goodnight Light Pineapple Lamp. With low electricity consumption, this adorable lamp is perfect for extended night-time use. It has a soft glowing light that’s great for kids, and will be a stylish addition to any room.