We need to talk about the Wishbone Wagon

The New Wishbone Wagon is even better than we could have imagined…


Here at The Tot we are lucky enough to work with an amazing selection of toy manufacturers – from big to small – who produce beautiful, well-crafted toys that are mindfully created with not just children in mind, but also the environment and the people in it.

Every so often a very special toy comes along that stops us in our tracks. The new Wishbone Wagon 3-in-1 is one of these. Reminiscent of toys from yesteryear, the handmade wagon is like something your grandpa would have had… Ok, maybe just a little bit cooler.


Made of plantation birch and lightweight aluminium, the Wishbone Wagon has a low center of gravity – making it really stable – air-filled tires for a smooth ride and three modes in one. It’s a classic wagon to push or pull around, a soapbox racer to fly down a hill in, or a fun foot-to-floor car that’s propelled by your tot’s feet – Flintstone’s style! This is probably our favorite feature.


It has three handle positions – steer from the front, push at the back or stow and race, plus a dual side mount handbrake for lefties or righties. The craftsmanship, thoughtfulness and attention to detail that’s gone into making this wagon is seriously special.


Designed to be pushed, pulled or steered, there are endless play options at hand. Kids will love pulling their toys (or doggy) around in it, or being passengers themselves. Use it to easily cart your gear to and from the beach or park, or put a helmet on and race it down a hill!  The Wishbone Wagon is recommended for kids aged 1 to 10, and will provide hours of fun-filled adventures and memories for years to come.

Wishbone Wagon

Wishbone Wagon

Wishbone Wagon





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