Gifts & Toys for 4 Year Olds – Tot Gift Guide

Four-year-olds are learning how to express their emotions and interact with others – and they gain a lot of new skills and knowledge through play! These wonderful gift ideas will delight them and support their development at the same time.

Little girl playing vet with a plush toy

Remember when your two-year-old was constantly having temper tantrums and you couldn’t wait for them to turn three? But then you quickly realized that three-year-old meltdowns are even worse? Sigh. Well, here’s some good news: four-year-olds are finally learning to regulate and express their emotions, so those outbursts should start to become less frequent.

Child Development at 4 Years Old

They now have several tools in their arsenal to express how they’re feeling: words, noises and gestures, as well as creative pursuits such as coloring, painting, crafts, building blocks and construction toys.

Four-year-olds also love to sing, dance, dress up and act out make-believe scenarios on their own or with their friends. With imaginary play being as important as ever, toys and games that encourage it make excellent gifts.

Children at this age start to become more aware of their own gender and gender roles. Girls might like to play “Moms and Babies” while boys play “Pirates”. You may worry that these games are gender-stereotypical, but it’s a natural part of development. And you’ll probably notice that both genders play roles such as “Doctor” and “Teacher”!

Let’s not forget the best playthings of all: books. Reading with your four-year-old is a fantastic way to develop their imagination, love of reading and literacy skills before they start school.

Best Toys and Gifts for 4 Year Olds

Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas gift or a birthday present idea for a 2 year old, here are some of our gift recommendations for playtime: 

  • Doll house
  • Coloring calendar
  • Toy cars
  • Fun books
  • Apron & wooden utensils
  • Play fridge
  • Balance board
  • Beginner guitar
  • Balance bike
  • Dentist set
  • Castle play set
  • Volcano crystal kit
  • Beginner baby grand piano
  • Christmas book
  • Craft set
  • Pajamas
  • Vet play set

Here are 18 awesome gifts for four-year-olds that will boost their development… but they won’t notice because they’ll be having so much fun!


Tender Leaf Foxtail Doll House Villa

Tender Leaf Foxtail Doll House Villa

Not only will this beautiful town-style doll house by Tender Leaf Toys inspire hours of imaginative play, it’s made from renewable rubber wood and it’s recyclable.


Selfie Clothing Co Color-in Christmas Calendar

Color-in Christmas Calendar

Instead of overloading on chocolate, try a crafty countdown to Christmas this year! This Selfie Clothing Co set includes a large fabric advent calendar, eight UV fabric pens and a practice sheet.


Tender Leaf Car Transporter

Little Mashers Stamp It! Kit in Shapes


Tender Leaf Toys’ Car Transporter set features four wooden cars, a transporter and a retractable arm to load the cars. It fosters imagination and develops fine motor skills.


Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes by Eva Chen

Eva Chen Juno Valentine Book

This charming tale follows Juno as she steps into the shoes of female icons ranging from Cleopatra to Lady Gaga and learns valuable lessons along the way.


Odette William Kid’s Apron


Encourage a love of cooking from an early age with Odette Williams’ 100% cotton apron and wooden cooking set that includes a rolling pin, a spoon and a spatula.


Milton & Goose Fridge

Milton & Goose Wooden Play Fridge in Grey

Milton & Goose Wooden Play Fridge in White

Milton & Goose’s stunning heirloom-quality wooden fridge will encourage imaginative play and boost your child’s gross motor skills and vocabulary.


Wobbel Balance Board – The Original 

Wobbel Original Board

The Wobbel is an innovative wooden board that builds strength and balance and promotes creativity. It can be a balance board, a bridge, a fort, a slide, a see-saw and so much more!


PlanToys Pirate Ship

Plan Toys Pirate Ship

Ready to set sail? Kids will love playing pirates with this detailed pirate ship. It has gangway at the back that can be opened to move cargo into the storage room. It can also serve as a jail for prisoners. A great gift to spark creativity and imaginative play.


Loog Mini Guitar

Playing a musical instrument helps children benefit in almost every level: it enhances their cognitive skills while fostering creative thinking and their ability to focus. With a Loog mini guitar, kids are playing and having fun from the very beginning, acquiring skills that stay with them forever.


Banwood Bikes First Go! Balance Bike

Banwood Bike Balance Bicycle in Green

The First Go! is a lightweight balance bike that teaches young children how to balance and steer while scooting along with their feet.


PlanToys Dentist Set

Plan Toys Dentist Set

This dentist set teaches children at a young age to understand the importance of tooth care, while encouraging role play and hand-eye coordination. It includes 4 basic dental tools: 1 toothbrush, 1 set of teeth with 3 spare teeth and 1 doctor case.


Tender Leaf Toys Royal Castle

Let your child’s imagination run wild (and watch their language skills develop!) with Tender Leaf Toys’ 100-piece Royal Castle set made from renewable rubber wood.


Copernicus Volcano Crystal Growing Kit

Copernicus Volcano Crystal Growing Kit

Watch your child’s eyes widen in wonder as the red and white crystals start to appear on Copernicus’ paper volcano, mimicking the smoke and lava produced by an eruption.


Schoenhut Piano Company Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano in Black

Learning a musical instrument can improve memory, boost math and comprehension skills, and sharpen hand-eye coordination. This beautiful Baby Grand is the ultimate gift!


The Night Before ChristmasBook

The Night Before Christmas

Tiny Bee Gift Co’s The Night Before Christmas introduces children to the classic Christmas tale that’s been loved for generations. The beautiful book arrives in a cotton drawstring bag.


Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library


Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library

The Kid Made Modern Arts + Crafts Library has over 1,000 pieces to create your own craft adventure. It comes packaged in a reusable box to store supplies when not in use so the only thing you need to add is your imagination.


HART + LAND Pajama Set – Skiers


HART + LAND Pajama Set - Skiers

Exclusive to The Tot, the super soft Hart + Land Skiers two-piece pajama set will keep little ones cozy all night. With a long sleeve top and cuffed pant, they’re perfect for morning cuddles. Great for Christmas!


PlanToys Vet Set


PlanToys Vet Set

Children will love playing doctor with the PlanToys Vet Set. The set encourages children to be empathetic and learn how to treat animals when they need a check-up or medical attention. It consists of 3 basic pieces of medical equipment, a vaccine bottle, a bandage, a collar, 2 x-ray films, and a handy doctor bag.