Gifts & Toys for 5 Year Olds – Tot Gift Guide

At five, life is all about finding adventure, learning how the world works and self-expression. From a wooden robot that teaches kids how to code to a personalized Levi’s denim jacket, we’ve got gift ideas any five year old will love.

Child playing with a KAOS Midas Gold Soccer Ball

Around the age of five, children really start to get the hang of things, which is why we’re big fans of choosing gifts that help them use the skills they’ve been mastering while continuing to strengthen their muscles and minds.


Child Development at age 5

At five, a child’s balance is better. Their reasoning skills are more developed. They can mimic movements, shapes and words. They can also begin to express themselves more clearly. Whether that’s through music, fashion, art, sport or reading, a five year old can start showing their sense of humor, demonstrate their ability to sympathize and articulate what they’re passionate about.

They’re also much better at playing in a group or a one on one game with a friend instead of simply parallel playing. The imagination of a five year old is going full steam ahead so gifts that allow children to embrace their creativity and enable them to interact with the world around them is key.

While many five year olds want to seek out adventure in the backyard or driveway with friends, others may feel more comfortable inside or simply playing solo. No matter their preference on how they want to play or who they want to play with, we have both indoor and outdoor toys, clothing and crafting kits that cater for everyone.


Best Toys and Gifts for 5 year olds

Whether you’re shopping for the holidays or a birthday present for a five year old, here are some of our gift recommendations:

  • Science workbench
  • Toy beauty kit
  • Bedding Set
  • Netted Swing
  • Puzzle
  • Soccer ball
  • Craft supplies
  • Bike
  • Outdoor swings
  • Personalized denim jacket
  • Construction toys
  • Dentist toys
  • Toys that teach coding
  • Doll house
  • Play kitchen
  • Books
  • Gardening kit
  • Raincoat
  • Scooter
  • Wagon
  • Dodge ball game
  • On-the-go drawing kit

Scroll down to see the options we’ve pulled for each of these gift ideas and shop below!


Science Workbench


Shopping for a little scientist? This deluxe science workbench from Hape provides everything they’ll need to conduct over 15 experiments.


Hape Deluxe Scientific Workbench AW19


HAPE Deluxe Scientific Workbench





Toy Beauty Kit


The Make Me Iconic Beauty Kit is a keepsake toy that will last through all of your children’s years of playing dress-ups, shops, and Moms and Dads. Made from timber instead of plastic, it is designed to be a timeless addition to their toy collection that invites imagination into your home, and into their play.

Make Me Iconic Beauty Kit


Make Me Iconic Beauty Kit






Shark Themed Bedding Set


Make every week shark week with this jaw-some bedding set from Snurk!


SNURK Shark Duvette FW19


Snurk Shark Duvet Cover Set






Unicorn Themed Bedding Set


More of a unicorn lover? Dreams will be all sorts of magical with Snurk’s unicorn bedding set.


SNURK Unicorn Duvette FW19


Snurk Shark Duvet Cover Set






Netted Swing


Built to withstand harsh weather, the Swurfer Spider Swing is a great way for kids to have a chilled out swing session.


Swurfer Spider Swing FW19


Swurfer Spider Rider






Decoder Puzzle


Know a little problem solver or investigator? Then they’ll love piecing together this muscle to reveal a secret image


Petit Collage Decoder Puzzle Monster Jam AW19


Petit Collage Decoder Puzzle






Soccer Ball 


GOALLLLLL (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) Perfect for a pick up game in the backyard or park, this soccer ball will be the neighborhood kids’ favorite.



Kaos Midas Gold with Mesh Bag


KAOS Midas Gold Soccer Ball






Craft Pack


Easy to travel with or unpack after school, this set offers loads of activities for little explorers.



Olli Ella Play N Pack Forest AW19


Olli Ella Forest Play’N Pack






Storytelling Cinema Set


Bedtime stories will be so much more fun (and creative) with this projector set!


Moulin Roty Animal Cinema Set AW19

Moulin Roty Animal Cinema Set








Designed with a clever handle for easy carrying, taking your kids to the park for an afternoon of bike riding is a total breeze with the little tokyobike.


Tokyobike Mint AW19


little tokyobike






Crane Set


No construction site is complete without a crane to do the heavy lifting!



PlanToys Crane Set


PlanToys Crane Set






Play Dentist Set


Sore tooth? Need a clean? This adorable set encourages role play, healthy hygiene habits and the development of fine motor skills.



PlanToys Dentist Set


PlanToys Dentist Set






Mini Foosball Soccer


This mini foosball game will have the whole family channeling their inner David Beckham and Mia Hamm!


PlanToys Mini Foosball Game


PlanToys Mini Foosball Soccer






Watercolor Set


Raising a little Georgia O’Keeffe? This watercolor set is sure to inspire their next great work!



Kid Made Modern Wondrous Watercolor


Kid Made Modern Wondrous Watercolor Set






Veggie Garden Kit


You don’t need a green thumb to make this garden grow! This kit includes everything you need to start a veggie patch.

Gardenuity My First Garden Set


Gardenuity My First Garden Kit






Personalized Denim Jacket


A look that will never go out of style is now customizable. Exclusively available at The Tot, Levi’s is making personalized denim jackets that will literally have your tot’s name on it.

Levi's Personalized Denim JacketLevi's Personalized Denim Jacket w/ Dark colored alphabet 

Levi’s Personalized Denim Jacket







Wooden Surfer Swing


While it takes only a minute to learn how to Air Surf, your tot can spend a lifetime mastering the experience and have countless hours of adrenaline pumping fun!


Adventure Parks Air Surfer Classic Swing

Adventure Parks Air Surfer








Scooters allow kids to work on their gross motor skills, which is beneficial for both physical and cognitive development. (Scooters are also great at tiring them out at the end of the day!)


Micro Kickboard Scooter 


Micro Kickboard Maxi Deluxe Scooter







Play Kitchen

This play kitchen will make you want to renovate your own! Beautifully designed and completely Pinterest-worthy, it is a great item to encourage role playing and vocabulary skills.

 Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen


Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen







Wagons aren’t going anywhere anytime soon because kids LOVE THEM. With three handle positions, the Wishbone Wagon offers longevity as well as hours of both indoor and outdoor fun. Bonus – it can also double as toy storage or décor!

 Wishbone Wagon


Wishbone Wagon





Color Changing Raincoat


For kids that simply can’t stay inside on a rainy day, this color-changing raincoat is an absolute must! Watch it change colors when it goes from dry to wet and back again!


 Holly & Beau Color Changing Raincoat

Holly & Beau Color Changing Raincoat


Holly & Beau Color Changing Raincoat







Book of Bedtime Stories


Also a great gift for Rebel BOYS, this collection of 100 illustrated stories celebrate extraordinary women. Featuring real women of the past and the present who have achieved incredible results, despite all odds and rebel girls whose actions have changed the course of history.

 Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls







Screen Free Learn-To-Code Robot

Made of child safe wood, this little robot teaches your kid coding without the use of computer or tablet screens.

Primo Toys Cubetto


Primo Toys Cubetto Playset






Doll House


Made of renewable rubber wood and painted with non-toxic paints, this sweet dollhouse will facilitate hours of imaginative play.


Tender Leaf Dovetail House


Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail House





Dodge Tag Game


Run, dodge and throw. If the ball sticks, it’s a hit! Kids will love this fast paced, action-packed game.



Diggin Dodge Tag Game






On-The-Go Drawing Kit


Great for road trips and long haul flights, the Petit Collage On-The-Go Drawing Kit is an absolute essential for kids who love to color and sketch.


Petit Collage On the Go Drawing Kits Monsters


Petit Collage On-The-Go Drawing Kit





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