The Game-Changing Breast Pump Everyone Is Talking About

What happens when you pair a Women’s Health Expert with an entrepreneur known for their innovative approach to smart technology? You get the Elvie Breast Pump. Worn inside a standard nursing bra and designed to work with an app to monitor milk volume and feeding schedules, it’s the truly hands-free option you’ve been looking for.

Mother wearing the Elvie breast pump and holding her baby

For many women, breast pumps have made it possible to return to work, travel, solve latching issues and help maintain their milk supply. However, not all pumps are that convenient, quiet, or comfortable to use and as a result – parents give up breast-feeding sooner than they had wished. Thankfully, that’s changing thanks to the Elvie Breast Pump.

Elvie Single Pump


Unlike older style pumps that could make it feel like you were plugging into the Matrix, the Elvie is small, silent and designed to slip discreetly into a standard nursing bra. Its all-in-one design eliminates awkward external bottles, lids, shields, tubes and cords, meaning you can keep your hands free to cuddle your baby, flip through a magazine, send that email that’s been in Drafts for two weeks or make yourself a cup of tea.

Available in both single and double models, we’re here to tell you that yes, the Elvie can be worn at home, at work, on the subway or on a plane because it’s seriously so discreet!


Elvie Single Pump


Designed with seven intensity settings, it also automatically intuitively switches from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects a let-down and will pause when the bottle is full. Made with BPA-free and dishwasher safe plastic, each pump only has five parts to clean, zero tubes and charges in 2 hours via a micro-USB. Because we all know that not all breasts are created the same, the Elvie comes with multiple breast shield sizes to ensure it fits comfortably, snuggly and eliminates any milk wastage.

Armed with genuine female insight and world-class design expertise, the team at Elvie has thought of everything. One feature in particular that we can’t stop talking about is the optional easy to navigate app that helps monitor milk supply, manage your feeding schedule and even control the pump remotely. With phones quickly becoming our universal remotes for everything, it adds an element of organization that means we have one less thing to think about. If you’re not an app person – don’t worry, it works just as well without it!


Elvie Single Pump


Elvie Single Breast Pump





Elvie Double Pump

Elvie Double Breast Pump





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