The Best Toys For Indoor Active Play

As parents who know that going outside to play isn’t always an option, we could not be more thrilled to have discovered these 5 game-changing products that can be used for active play both inside and out.

A little boy playing on a wobbel balance board

Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.

– Kay Redfield Jamison, M.A., Ph.D.

It’s no secret that active play is crucial for both your child’s cognitive and physical development. Not only does it strengthen muscles, motor skills and coordination, it’s important for healthy brain development, which will enable children to start to engage in the world around them, learn how to handle different emotions, establish routines and create healthy habits.

Depending on where you live or what the weather is doing outside, it’s not always easy to comfortably facilitate active playtime. Yards can be full of snow, rain could be helicoptering over your town, the park could be closed for construction, or the world could be experiencing global pandemic and temporarily closing schools.

Even though it may seem like the perfect excuse to curl up and watch a movie, it truly is important that your child gets to get their body moving, mind racing and blood pumping every day. This type of play and exercise is heavily encouraged by health professionals and proven to be imperative to a child’s development of social skills, ability to learn and capacity to process emotions.


Examples of active play

A few examples of active play include:

  • Swinging
  • Balancing
  • Sliding
  • Bike riding
  • Yoga


Examples of active play toys

A few examples of active play toys include:

  • Wooden swing
  • Balance board
  • Slide
  • Bike
  • Play mat

As parents who know just how important a solid play session is before dinnertime, we are absolutely loving five toys in particular that can be used both inside and out.


The Best Toys For Active Play



Wooden Swing


Solvej Wooden Swing


Easy to anchor inside or out, this wooden swing is both calming and fun. Suitable for use from the age of four, it is great for developing coordination, core strength and getting those legs pumping!


Solvej Swing White Rope


Solvej Board Swing






Balance Board


Little girl on Wobbel Original Board


Available with a raw or felt bottom, this genius balance board can be used in numerous ways! Balancing, rocking, yoga, as a chair, step stool, slide, bridge or stage…to name a few.


Wobbel Original with Felt In Mouse Grey


Wobbel – The Original with Felt








Jupiduu Slide


Easy to climb up and very fun to slide down, the Jupiduu Slide brings the playground to your child’s bedroom! Slides get little hearts thumping and can be a wonderful way for kids to learn social skills like taking turns. (It can also be used as a ramp for toy cars or an escape route for stuffed animals!)

Jupiduu Slide


Jupiduu Slide






Balance Bike


Banwood Bikes First Go Balance Bike


Balance bikes are quickly becoming a must-do before taking on pedals and we simply cannot stop raving about the Banwood First Go! Balance bike. Designed with an adjustable seat and non-skid wheels, your tot can loop the living room or dash down the block.


Banwood Bike Balance Bicycle in Green


Banwood Bikes First Go! Balance Bike








Toki Mat


Playmats are a great space to let kids practice their yoga moves, meditate or stretch. Made with a natural latex foam insert, the Toki mat cotton cover is machine washable making it a practical option for all!


Toki Azte Arrows Playmat AW19


Toki Mats Aztec Arrows Playmat






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