Nasiba Adilova’s Gift Edit For Minimalists

The Tot Founder and Mama of Three, Nasiba Adilova, has 36 minimalist gift ideas for everyone in your family. Designed with longevity in mind, these products are durable, versatile and as always: made to be safe and stylish.

wooden and felt pasta play set

As a mother of three, I cannot tell you how frustrated I get when my kids grow out of something within weeks or lose interest in a “one trick pony” toy. One of the main reasons I started The Tot was so that I could find the items that wouldn’t end up in a landfill or be discarded into the depths of a closet or toy chest. I wanted things that could be passed on to siblings and then even to family and friends. With so many items needed for sleeping, eating, playing, learning and traveling, I’ve also focused on finding gear that can grow with my kids and offer multiple uses.

The same goes for my clothing – when shopping I’m always conscious of picking pieces that I know will stand the test of time because fashion truly does come back around. I also know that as a pregnant/ breast-feeding/ postpartum mother, you require clothes that allow access and movement, while still allowing you to feel stylish, on trend and totally comfortable, which is why I’m now extra conscious of picking clothes that can be worn throughout any stage of life.

One of the first genius products I found for The Tot is the Life in Play ToteSavvy. This organizational caddy slips into any of your existing tote bags and instantly makes it a diaper bag. If you’re trying to save money or simply love swapping out your bags – this is a fantastic option that makes #momlife even better.

From Sue Gragg diamond jewelry that will be coveted and worn forever and always to a balance bike that keep kids moving and grooving, I’ve listed my must-have minimalist gift ideas for babies, toddlers, kids and parents that won’t take up too much space, don’t cost the earth (or your health) and will last a lifetime.


Must-Have Minimalist Gifts for Families


For Parents


Gender Neutral Baby Bag


Both my husband and I love this backpack! It has all the right boxes to stash baby gear as well as a gender-neutral look and feel!


Jem and bea jamie leather backpack



JEM + BEA Jamie Leather Backpack








Soft, simple and so necessary for your wardrobe, this two piece 100% cotton set from Petite Plume is machine-washable and a year-round must have.


Petite Plume Adult White PJs with Dark Green Double Piping



Petite Plume’s White PJs with Double Green Piping






Tote Bag Organizer


The ToteSavvy is a genius caddy that makes any bag or tote into a diaper bag! Yes, please!


Life In Play Tote Savvy Mini 

Life In Play ToteSavvy Mini






Personalized Diamond Initial Ring


Sentimental and elegant, these diamond initial rings truly are the best. 

 Sue Gragg Diamond Initial Ring 

Sue Gragg Diamond Initial Ring



Available in more colors




Men’s White Flannel Robe


Perfect for post-shower or pool lounging, a crisp white robe will never go out of style.



Petite Plume Adult Flannel Robe with Navy Piping


Petite Plume Men’s White Flannel Robe with Navy Piping





Pima Cotton Pajama Pants


The vintage skiers print on these pima cotton PJs brings bring me so much joy. My husband absolutely loves them too because they get softer and softer.


HART + LAND Skier Pajama Pant for Men


HART + LAND Men’s Pajama Pants








Baby Carrier


I love being close to my babies and the Babybjorn lightweight carrier makes it so easy and comfortable.


Baby Bjorn Jersey Mini Carrier in Light Grey 

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini





Organic Playmat


Playmats are a wonderful space for infants to have tummy time, which strengthens their necks, backs and core. This will aid in them sitting up and eventually walking.

Wee Gallery Organic Cotton Safari play mat


Wee Gallery Safari Organic Playmat








There’s nothing worse than sore gums or a bored baby. This teether entertains and soothes!

Loulou Lollipop Trinity Teether

Loulou Lollipop Trinity Teether





baby Maraca


Musical toys are great for a baby’s cognitive development. Since they inevitably end up in their mouth, I love the child-safe options from Babynoise.

BabyNoise Wooden Double Maraca in Natural & White

Babynoise Double Maraca





Infant Lounger


Being able to safely put your baby down can figuratively and literally save your day. Designed to keep your baby cocooned, DockATot is quickly becoming a no-brainer for every registry!

DockATot Grand Dock in Pristine White 

DockATot Deluxe Dock





For Baby 


Stacking Ring


A new take on a classic toy, this stacker is wonderful for helping develop hand-eye coordination. It also looks great as decor!


PlanToys First Stacking Ring


PlanToys First Stacking Ring





Crochet Veggie Rattle Set


Easy for little hands to hold, this food toy set is great for expanding vocabularies and introducing kids to healthy eating habits.


Cheengoo Rattle Veggie Bag 

Cheengoo Veggie Rattle Set






Duck Bath Toy


Water play is a fantastic way to build a child’s confidence, coordination and imagination. However, many of the toys available can quickly become yucky. For a naturally bacteria-resistant toy – opt for Hevea!

Hevea Bath Toy Kawan  

Hevea Kawan Duck Bath Toy

Ranging from $22 – $40




Wooden Shape Sorter


This timeless toy will never go out of style because it’s one of the best way to teach kids shapes, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.


Wooden Story Shape Sorter

Wooden Story Shape Sorter




For Toddlers


Play Shopping Cart


Role playing allows kids to develop language and social skills, which is why I love toys that mimic every day items.



PlanToys Shopping Cart

PlanToys Shopping Cart





Toddler Slide


I love this slide because it can work inside or out and is great for developing gross motor skills.

Jupiduu Slide 

Jupiduu Slide






Non-Toxic Crayons


The thing that I love about these is that they’re crayons that double as blocks! Genius.

 Playon Crayon Non Toxic Crayons 

Playon Crayon Primary Crayons





Foldable Rocking Horse


A modern take on a classic design, this rocking horse is particularly great for small spaces because of its ability to fold.

Plan Toys Foldable Rocking Horse 

PlanToys Foldable Rocking Horse





Play Wagon


This sleek wagon helps with coordination, aids in imaginative play and also provides storage!

Plan Toys Wagon 

PlanToys Wagon





Loose Part Play Set


I love loose part play because it allows kids to create their own games, build their own worlds and make their own rules.

Grapat Nins Cups and Coins Stack and Sort Game

Grapat Nins Cups and Coins Set





Toddler Table – $ 299.00 + Toddler Chairs – $399.00


Having kid-size furniture is incredibly important and can help children gain independence. Great for meal time or craft time, I love this non-toxic and child-friendly set.

Milton and Goose Crescent Play Table in White with White Crescent Chairs

Milton & Goose Crescent Table + Chairs

Table $299 – BUY NOW

Chairs $399 – BUY NOW



For Bigger Kids (3 – 4)


Play Tool Belt


Do you have a Mr or Mrs Fix It? Then they totally need their own set of tools!


PlanToys Tool Belt Set

PlanToys Tool Set





Audio Storyteller 


When it comes to screen-free options, my kids adore the Lunii Storyteller! Since we travel a lot, we simply plug in headphones and off we go.


Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller





Balance Board


Great for helping kids learn to balance, stretch and do yoga, the Wobbel is the versatile toy you’ve been looking for.


Wobbel Original Board

The Original Wobbel





Play Golf Set


This set is so good for helping kids work on their coordination, patience and critical thinking!



Plan Toys Mini Golf Set


PlanToys Mini Golf Set





Balance Bike


If you want your tot to learn how to ride a bike, then I highly suggest getting them a balance bike to start! They help with core strength and introduces kids to the concept of steering.


Banwood Bikes First Go! Balance Bike in Chrome


Banwood Bikes First Go! Balance Bike





Mini Guitar


When it comes to developing dexterity, guitar can be incredibly instrumental. (Pun intended!)


Loog Guitars Mini Guitar in White

Loog Guitars Mini Guitar 





Kids Apron


I love watching my kids role play. (Again, pun intended) – Pretend baking is one of our favorite past times!

Odette Williams Charcoal Linen Apron


Odette Williams Kids Apron and Utensils Set

Ranging from $49 – $51

Available in more colors




Play Baking Utensils


It’s pretty easy to fall in love with baking, which is why your kids will also want this complete set from PlanToys.


PlanToys Wooden Baking Utensils Set

PlanToys Baking Utensils





Ride On Wagon


This wagon is particularly cool because it can be pushed, pulled and driven! It’s truly something that kids of all ages can play with together.

Wishbone Wagon


Wishbone Wagon





Frida Kahlo Kids Book


The Little People, Big Dreams series makes me feel all the feels. Written for little minds to understand, it does such a great job of introducing kids to inspirational people.


Little People Big Dreams Frida Kahlo Hardcover Book

Little People, Big Dreams – Frida Kahlo





Fine Motor Skills Craft


If you have a kid who loves tiny projects like mine do, then you’re going to love these little people! You can dress them up or down and then create your own story line for hours of imaginative play!


Rock and Pebble Color Pebbles game

Rock and Pebble Color Pebble People





Pasta Play Food Set


Milton & Goose’s expertly crafted wooden kitchen toys will spark joy and delight! I just love the details in this sweet pasta set.

Milton & Goose Pasta Play Food Set


Milton & Goose Pasta Play Food Set




For Kids 5+


Kids Bike


Active play is crucial for both cognitive and physical development. And bike riding is a great way to get kids out and about!

Tokyobike Little Tokyobike in White 

Little Tokyobike





Educational Craft Magazine


The gift of education is priceless. The Planetari Ocean Adventure Makerzine facilitates a fun filled expedition where children can discover why the oceans are the greatest treasure on planet Earth.


Planetari Makerzine


Planetari Makerzine




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