Minimalist Homeschooling: The Desk Every Kid Needs

Sustainable, non-toxic and modern are just a few words to describe the new Franklin + Emily kids desk! Proudly made in the USA by a father and his friends, it’s the minimalist desk option you’ve been looking for.


Over the last few weeks, parents around the world have been scrambling to set up home offices and find practical spaces for kids to do distance learning. Adjusting to this new normal hasn’t been easy – at one point, I actually used an ironing board as my desk – but thanks to innovative makers like Brooklyn-based father and former chef David Mawhinney, finding furniture options for home-schooling kids has never been easier.

After making a chair for his daughter that friends and neighbours absolutely raved about, David left his role in the kitchen to start Franklin + Emily, a minimalist furniture brand passionate about making chairs, couches, and stools for kids out of sustainable and non-toxic materials. Exclusively available at The Tot, you can now get the Franklin + Emily desk set.

Perfect for kids aged three to nine, it comes with built in storage for books, pens and a water bottle, and provides a dedicated space for kids to do homework, color, read and craft. Designed with non-marking slip-resistant pads on the feet, it’s easy to move from room to room and won’t damage your flooring. Simple, sleek and built to withstand the test of time, it’s something that can be passed down from sibling to sibling or onto friends.



Franklin + Emily Desk Set


Franklin + Emily Desk Set


Franklin + Emily Desk Set

With COVID-19 leaving many of David’s former chef friends without jobs, he’s hired a group of them to help produce these timeless desks.

While there may be a lot of uncertainty right now, it’s nice knowing that there are brands out there who are consciously and ethically making products designed to make the world a better place.


Franklin + Emily Desk Set


Franklin + Emily Desk Set







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