The Best Balance Board for Kids

If you’ve been wondering what the Wobbel is, it’s a popular toy for kids (and adults) and one of the best balance boards available! Simple, sleek and sustainable, this eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing product encourages both active and imaginative play, while offering an endless amount of uses. This popular toy makes a great birthday or Christmas gift that children can use for years to come.

A little girl playing on the Wobbel balance board

While the Wobbel may just look like a curved piece of wood for preschoolers and kids, it’s so much more.

This wooden toy is a balancing board, bridge to a faraway land, shelter for animals, prop for yoga, a racetrack, step-stool, stage for performing, a slide, see-saw or even a nook for reading books!

With imaginations running wild from a young age, kids have no problem instinctively finding a way to make their Wobbel even more magical. The board will also help children strengthen their muscles and improve their balance during their important developmental years.



Wobbel Original Board

Wobbel – The Original






The Wobbel Balance Board for Toddlers & Kids

Conceptualized by Hannelore Blaauw and Wouter Haine, the Wobbel was created to encourage both active and imaginative play at home or in the classroom. Having strong gross motor skills helps kids engage with the world around them, which in turn helps with cognitive development.

Since not every child has access to a large backyard or nearby park, the Wobbel provides a compact way for kids to move, groove and wobble right in their very own room. Whether it’s a teeter totter or a fort, there are endless ways for kids to use this board during playtime. 


Wobbel Original Board with girl


Made from FSC certified European beech wood in The Netherlands, you can get The Original Wobbel, which is great for soft surfaces like carpet or rugs, or the The Original Wobbel with Felt, which works better on tile or wood floors. Both options are finished in a translucent, water-based lacquer that’s safe for both kids and the earth. The sleek modern design means you won’t have an issue with keeping this beautiful toy in your living room.


Kids doing Yoga on Wobbel Original with Felt In Mouse Grey


This toddler balance board is recommended for children 3 years old and up. With a weight limit of 220 lbs, adults can also use this wooden toy to improve balance, stretch, exercise or simply rest. This Wobbel Wooden balance toy provides fun for the whole family.


Two Little GIrls on Wobbel

Wobbel Original with Felt In Mouse Grey


Wobbel – The Original w/ Felt







Wobbel Original Board with boy playing with toys


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