8 Tips for a Safe & Non-toxic Christmas

Has your “danger radar” picked up on the problem with most holiday decorations? When left around babies, toddlers and little kids, glass that breaks can make cuts, candles can cause burns, decorations can be toxic to touch and small things enter small mouths (…you know all this already).

cute Christmas deer stocking decorations

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or having your relatives over for holiday festivities, chances are, there are the young and old among your guests with safety needs to consider. The good news is, even with toddlers, you decorate your home beautifully and safely for the holidays. Here are our 8 tips you can use for safer home decorating this holiday season:

1. Use Decorations Free of Toxic Chemicals or Fumes

A study found that over 12 percent of all Christmas decor items tested contained harmful levels of lead and bromine. Since home decor items are unregulated, legally they can contain lead, cadmium, phthalates and other chemicals without restriction, even at concentrations that are off-limits in children’s products. Research has linked these three chemicals to birth defects, reproductive problems and cancer.

Unfortunately, they’re present in artificial garlands, wreaths, trees, lights and other Christmas decor sold in mainstream retail stores. Many of these larger retailers pay ongoing legal fees to keep them free of liabilities associated with toxins they release into the environment.

To ensure you’re not exposing your family to toxins, here’s how you can find safer options:

  • Buy a natural wreath made with fragrant dried leaves and herbs or other materials, such as wood. While it’s not the same as fresh greenery, it’s a modern decorative take on traditional Christmas decor, and you can maintain it year after year.
  • Make your own DIY Christmas decorations from materials like paper rolls, colorful card paper, felt, yarn, or items from nature like pine cones, interesting twigs and leaves.
  • Make sure any artificial greenery you buy, such as artificial wreaths, garlands or Christmas trees, are free of PVC and phthalates. These are shown to disrupt hormone levels and harm your health. Find an artificial tree made with trees made from polyethylene—a stronger plastic that doesn’t leach toxins.

2. Choose a Tree You Can Maintain

While artificial Christmas trees require little maintenance, they often contain potentially harmful ingredients like PVC, flame retardants and lead. If you choose to go with an artificial tree or already have one, it’s important to follow these precautions:

  • Wear gloves when setting it up or wash hands thoroughly after handling it
  • Do not let kids touch it
  • Vacuum around it regularly using a HEPA filter vacuum

If you’re up for the task of maintaining a real tree, then buy a real tree. When choosing a real Christmas tree, make sure it’s organically grown and free of pesticides and herbicides.

What makes a real Christmas tree safer is hydration and safe electrical wiring for the tree lighting. Water and frayed wires don’t mix well, so check your Christmas lights, especially at the bottom, before plugging them in. It matters that the tree you buy is healthy to begin with and that you keep watering it consistently. If you live in an excessively dry region, you’re probably better off with a fire-resistant artificial tree around children and the elderly.

3. Safety-Proof Your Fireplace

There’s no better time to make use of a beautiful fireplace than during the holidays. Since fire’s involved, safety rules are paramount. The main ones are:

  • Keep gear like tools, gas and other hazardous objects out of children’s reach. For example, leave them in the garage with a child-proof door knob in place, or in an outdoor shed that is padlocked when they’re not in use.
  • Don’t leave your fireplace burning when you’re asleep or not home.
  • Never insert objects like newspapers or wrapping paper into the fireplace, because they burn unpredictably and can burn intensely with excessive smoke and toxic fumes.
  • Have a strong fence with a grill in front of your fireplace to keep children clear from the fire’s reach. If this isn’t preferable, opt for an electric fireplace with a child-proof glass covering that allows you to fully see the fire while keeping children from touching it.

4. Choose Safer Decorative Lighting & Hazard Proof it

Christmas lights are must-have elements for parties and family celebrations alike. However, because many mainstream Christmas lights contain harmful chemicals like lead, antimony and even arsenic, it’s important to choose RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant Christmas lights. Use them on your Christmas tree, around on your wreaths and garlands and to light the outside of your home. All this electricity pulsing takes a toll not just on your electric bill, but also on the electrical wiring of your home. Take these steps to hazard-proof any string lights and other decorative lights you put up:

  • Check all your extension cords before you use them for anything to ensure their ratings match your intended use for them. Never use extension cords to power outdoor lighting units.
  • Get rid of lights with damaged wiring or bulbs. This can occur when you store your Christmas lights away for a year.
  • Never use electric lighting on metal Christmas trees. Some artificial trees are made with heavy-duty metal wiring, so make sure that it has been safety-proofed with coating over the metal if you’re adding lighting.
  • Use third-party tested by a lab like UL. With a UL certification or other third-party certification of testing, you know that your lighting product meets safety requirements and is safe for home use around kids.

5. Consider Candle Safety

Candles spell holiday warmth and they look great in any holiday decor theme. The bright, dancing flames add light and coziness to a gathering, but fire and fumes can always be dangerous. Here are the precautions to take with candles:

  • Choose non-toxic 100% beeswax or soy candles that are free of synthetic fragrances. See more on how to choose safe candles and home fragrances.
  • Place any burning candles up high and out of reach. Candles can be on table surfaces children can’t reach or pull down by grabbing a table cloth.
  • Use only candles that have a tall glass encasing around them and the flame so that any flammable material like a curtain that comes near can’t touch the flame so easily.

6. Swap Out Dangerous Objects or Place Them Out of Reach

Remove any sharp, weighted or fragile items from your holiday decor. Avoid small things children can grab that are sharp or are a choking hazard. Take away delicate vases that could get knocked over and decorative items on your floor that are in their path. If you’re planning to put out hors d’ oeuvres around your home, make sure nothing that’s a choking hazard is within reach of small children.

Here are some ideas for baby- and toddler-proof holiday home decor:

  • Choose kid-made ornaments over breakable ones. Have your little ones make craft ornaments throughout December for the Christmas tree using materials like paper tubes, yarn, feathers, felt and other safe craft items. This way, they aren’t breaking glass ornaments and other breakable types of tree ornaments.
  • Place a barrier of “gifts” around your tree. Wrap boxes filled with newspaper or nothing at all, and use them to fence off the trunk of your Christmas tree. This way, there’s a barrier between children and the water feeding the tree.
  • Use a kitchen counter or other high surface to place food and hors d’ oeuvres so that children aren’t putting their hands in them or putting themselves at risk of choking.

7. Baby-Proof Your Doorknobs

Baby proofing your doorknobs are probably the best investment in safety for your party, but very affordable nonetheless. These genius inventions will keep children out of rooms they shouldn’t be in to avoid trouble they’d (surely) get into. You can find baby proofing devices that go on different types of doorknobs, depending on what you need for your home. Use them to keep loose toddlers out of bathrooms, bedrooms and other off-limits rooms so that the kids can otherwise roam free.

8. Prepare Age-Appropriate Areas for Kids

Based on the age of your kids and the kids you’re expecting to have at your home, create a designated baby-safe area and a toddler-safe area so that younger children can always have a place to go that is safe with age-appropriate toys and activities for them. Having kids together in these areas makes it easier to watch them instead of having them spread around the house, and that gives adults more time to mingle with each other as the kids play together with plenty of oversight. If you’re hosting a holiday party, prepare an area in one bathroom or bedroom where parents can change their children’s diapers in private.

Ensuring Safety Without Compromising Holiday Cheer

Holiday decorations instill childhood memories in kids so they can become adults filled with nostalgia who pass on the holiday traditions to their own kids. Keeping holiday decorations safe and non-toxic, however, ensures your atmosphere stays festive and hazard-free. Hopefully, this post has given you options that are safer yet worthy enough to start new holiday traditions for your family.


The Best Non-toxic Holiday Decorations


Here are our picks for fun, safe and interactive holiday decorations.


Deer Christmas Stocking

Christmas is a special time for our animal friends too. Make a new family tradition with these 100% organic cotton stockings. Hung-up in excitement, soon to be full of little goodies, they’re sure to make for an extra-special (and safer) Christmas! See more stocking colors here.

Fabelab Animal Christmas Stocking


Fabelab Animal Christmas Stocking





Holiday Paper Doll Chain

The eco-friendly Petit Collage Holiday Paper Doll Chain set lets kids color characters and then pop them out for imaginative play. They are perfect for play, room display, or mantel-piece decor.

Petite Plume Adult Red Mini Gingham Robe

Petit Collage Holiday Paper Doll Chain




Holiday Craft Kit

Keep little hands busy, while letting their creativity run wild wherever you go with the Kid Made Modern Holiday Craft Kit. This handy all-in-one kit lets you create handmade crafts to use as gifts, home decor, or as a fun activity during a holiday party.

Petite Plume Adult Red Mini Gingham Robe


Kid Made Modern Holiday Craft Kit





DYI Felt Stocking Kit

Hang a handcrafted beauty from your mantel this holiday season. The Kid Made Modern Design Your Own Felt Stocking Kit includes everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind felt Christmas stocking.

Petite Plume Adult Red Mini Gingham Robe


Kid Made Modern Design Your Own Felt Stocking





Ornament Craft

A perfect introduction to sewing, the Geometric Ornament kit is easy and fun to create. Wrap the tread around the shapes and over the notches to create cool patterns and shapes, and when you’re done you can hang them or unravel and make a new design!

Ornament Craft


Fabelab Geometric Ornament Craft





Gingerbread House Kit

Save the real gingerbread for eating and build this gingerbread house year after year instead. Decorate with fun pops of color and felt sweets.

Fabelab Gingerbread House Kit


Fabelab Gingerbread House Kit





Tree Advent Calendar

Made with recycled paper, Petit Collage’s calendar features 24 pop-out characters, each nestled in its own numbered compartment waiting for their own special day! Fold down the lid to reveal a colorful play-scene floor to place your new friends.

Tree Advent Calendar

Petit Collage Tree Advent Calendar





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