8 Arts & Crafts Gifts For Creative Kids

Shopping for a little maker? All non-toxic and eco-friendly, these eight arts & crafts gift picks may just help them create their masterpiece!

little girl making christmas crafts with play dough

Is there anything better than a solid arts & crafts session? Your hands get to keep busy while your mind is free to imagine, problem solve and create!

Arts & Crafts is especially great for kids because it comes with numerous benefits for both physical and cognitive development.

When kids are crafting, they’re simultaneously strengthening their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, while having loads of fun. Getting to use tools like scissors and glue helps build confidence and allows them to feel a sense of pride. Crafting activities like moulding play dough have also been shown to be an effective way for kids to work through stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of arts & crafts products on the market that contain not-so-great ingredients that can disrupt hormones, cause irritation to the eyes and skin and harm the environment. As advocates for clean products, we obsessively read ingredients lists and like to avoid the following materials and chemicals:

  • Bisphenols (BPA & BPS)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
  • Lead & Other Heavy Metals
  • Ammonia
  • Harmful Phthalates
  • Harmful Solvents
  • PVC
  • Pesticides
  • Synthetic Fragrances

We also always look for things made with:

  • Non-toxic inks like vegetable or GOTS certified
  • Water-based paints
  • Low voc ingredients
  • Biodegradable ingredients

The Best Non-toxic Arts & Crafts Gifts

To help make your search for the best arts & crafts gifts easier, we’ve listed eight of our tried and trusted favorites below.

Hanukkah Play Dough Set

Mazel Tov to The Dough Parlour for making those eight crazy nights even more fun. Consisting of four naturally scented doughs, a rolling pin and three Hanukkah shaped dough cutters, it’s a fabulous activity to do solo or with friends.


The Dough Parlour Hanukkah Set


The Dough Parlour Hanukkah Set







Christmas Play Dough Set

For those celebrating Christmas, The Dough Parlour also have a fabulous play dough set with a Christmas Tree, Reindeer and Candy Cane Cutter! Featuring food-grade doughs, it’s the eco-friendly and non-toxic option you’ve been searching for.


The Dough Parlour Christmas Set


The Dough Parlour Christmas Set







Stocking Decorating Kit

Keeping kids entertained over the holidays will be a whole lot easier if you can set them up with this fun DIY stocking kit from Kid Made Modern.


Kid Made Modern Design Your Own Felt Stocking


Kid Made Modern Design Your Own Felt Stocking Kit






Watercolor Set

Painting with watercolors is a wonderful way for kids to learn about mixing colors, achieving depth and experimenting with mixing mediums. We love drawing with a picture with a white crayon and then painting over it with this Wondrous Watercolor set from Kid Made Modern!


Kid Made Modern Wondrous Watercolor


Kid Made Modern Wondrous Watercolor Set






Sidewalk Chalk

Let’s be honest – you’re going to want to play with these yourself. A new take on a classic activity, kids will go crazy for these sushi roll shaped chalks from Twee.


Twee Sushi Chalk


Twee Sushi Roll Sidewalk Chalk






T-Shirt Decorating Stamp Kit

We love this Little Mashers Kit because kids feel amazing when they get to wear their work.


Little Mashers Stamp It! Kit in Letters


Little Mashers Stamp It! T-Shirt + Stamp Kit






Eco-Friendly Crayons

This set of 16 crayons is a must-have for every craft cupboard. Made of paraffin, kids can use them on paper, white boards and even glass windows!


Kitpas Eco Friendly Crayons


Kitpas Crayon Set – Medium






Eco-Friendly (And Vegan) Paint Kit

Consisting of six vibrant pigments to create creamy, tempera-like paint when mixed with water, this set is makes finger-painting safe and fun!


Natural Earth Paint CHildren's Paint Kit


Natural Earth Paint Eco-Friendly Paint for Children






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