Small Toys for Small Spaces – Tot Gift Guide

For minimalists, neat freaks, or families living in small spaces, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular space saving toys. From a fold and go farm set to a wagon that can double as a toy chest, gift giving just got a whole lot easier.

little girl playing with cardboard gingerbread house

Children need space to play and explore. So for parents who don’t cope so well with clutter, this can be a bit of a problem.

Many of us at The Tot are self-confessed neat freaks. We like things ‘just so’. But now that we’ve got multiple very playful and boisterous kids, we’re learning to let go. We realize that the mess is only temporary and that it can be cleaned up later (deep breaths). Kids should be allowed to run free and have fun in their own home without us hot on their heels telling them to clean up or not to make too much mess. That’s no fun for anyone and in the end, it doesn’t really matter. So, ’embrace the mess’ = our new mantra.

Because we are still ‘less, is more’ kind of people, when we choose new toys, we give them a lot of thought. The most important thing to remember is that kids don’t need too many things – especially toys. Their imaginations are pretty extraordinary and they can quite easily be amused with a “pirate’s telescope” (toilet roll) or paddling in a “canoe” (cardboard box with a wooden spoon) for hours. So when we do purchase new toys for our homes, there are a few key attributes we take into consideration.

Toys need to be:

  • Non-toxic: Free of harmful chemicals, dyes and materials. Toys will likely go into your child’s mouth, so you really want to avoid toys with potentially dangerous materials in them.
  • Durable: High quality, well-made toys that last and can be shared with siblings or passed on to friends.
  • Educational: Toys that assist in learning and the development of motor skills, creativity and imagination and that inspire questions and build on knowledge.
  • Stylish: While this point isn’t as important, it doesn’t hurt if the toy is visually appealing and enhances the decor!

With these key features in mind, we also look for toys that are compact and can be easily packed away or transported, whether this means from room to room, outside or even on vacation.


Best Toys For Small Spaces

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas present or birthday gift, the best toys for small spaces are:

  • Vet set
  • Noah’s Ark set
  • Cinema set
  • Wooden floor puzzle
  • Hairdresser set
  • Foldable barn
  • Shape sorter
  • Tool set
  • Baking set
  • Tea set
  • Mini baby piano
  • Mini wagon
  • Magnetic play set
  • Puzzle in a tin
  • Magnetic dress up set
  • Activity set in a box
  • Pop up gingerbread house
  • Pop up school house
  • Bag of magic tricks
  • Forest adventure back pack
  • Mouse in a trunk
  • Yoyo
  • Formula one racing mat

Scroll down to see our small toy selection.


PlanToys Vet Set

The PlanToys Vet Set encourages children to be empathetic and learn how to treat animals when they need a check-up or medical attention. It consists of 3 basic pieces of medical equipment, a vaccine bottle, a bandage, a collar, 2 x-ray films, and a handy doctor bag to keep everything neat and tidy.

Bajo Noah’s Ark


Bajo Noah's Ark Wooden Toy

Ethically crafted from wood sustainably forested in Poland, this heirloom-quality Noah’s Ark play set is designed with a removable roof and figurines that can seek shelter inside. It’s so nice to look at that it can easily double as a piece of decor.

Moulin Roty Animal Cinema Set

Moulin Roty Animal Cinema Set

Bedtimes stories just got even more fun thanks to the Moulin Roty Animal Cinema Set. The cute set includes detachable cinema tickets, a flashlight and five discs with eight animal themed illustrations. When projected onto a wall, each disc tells a colorful story to amaze your little one. Enjoy the film!

Mudpuppy Transportation 4 Layer Wood Puzzle


Mudpuppy Transportation 4 Layer Wood Puzzle


The Mudpuppy Transportation 4 Layer Wood Puzzle has a colorful, friendly vehicle to discover on each layer making it a fun way for children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

PlanToys Hairdresser Set

PlanToys Hairdresser Set

Great for encouraging role playing and hand-eye coordination, the PlanToys Hair Dresser Set includes scissors, a hair dryer, comb, straightener, hair clipper, as well as a cute little waist bag.

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Barn


Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn Toy


The two-story bright red barn is stocked with seven realistic farm animals, a wooden ladder and a folding corral. Featuring wooden handles, the set can be quickly packed up and easily moved around on the go.

Wooden Story Natural Shape Sorter Box


Wooden Story Shape Sorter


The Wooden Story Natural Shape Sorter Box game comes with a sorting box and 8 different wooden geometric shapes to help your tot sharpen their hand-eye coordination and build their confidence.

Moulin Roty ‘I am working’ Wooden Tool Set


Moulin Roty Wooden Toy Set


This adorable Wooden Tool Set from Moulin Roty is a wonderful set for imaginary role play. The rounded tools are easy for little hands to grasp and are carefully held in place with Velcro and latches in a beautifully illustrated case featuring Jeanne Goose and Sylvain Rabbit, so it’s ready to carry anywhere!

Moulin Roty L’atelier de Patisserie – Baking Set


Moulin Roty L'Atelier de Patisserie Baking Set


Housed in a sturdy, vintage-look cardboard carrying case, this baking kit comes with everything a child needs to get baking. The set includes a French-style apron, an oven mitt, rolling pin, cookie cutters, stainless steel cake tins and much more.

Moulin Roty Les Parisiennes Tea Set


Moulin Roty Once Upon A Time Tea Set

With Moulin Roty’s tea set, your child’s favorite stuffed animals and dolls can enjoy a tea party for four. Included in this beautiful set is a french and floral themed tea tray, four large plates, four tea cups, a stunning white teapot, all encased in a vintage candy stripe carrying case.

Hape Playful Piano


Hape Playful Piano

This cute little upright piano will fit into the smallest of spaces and kids will delight in in making music. Featuring 18 keys, the playful piano is a great way to introduce music to mini maestros.

Plan Toys Wagon


Plan Toys Wagon

Your child will enjoy collecting things and moving them around the house with the eco-friendly PlanToys Wagon that doubles as storage when not in use as a wagon!

Petit Collage Magnetic Play Set – Funny Faces


Petit Collage Magnetic Play Set Funny Faces

Great for teaching kids about different emotions and encouraging hand-eye coordination, the Funny Faces Magnetic Play Set is packaged in an easy-close tin and perfect for on-the-go travel fun.

Petit Collage Playful Mermaids Tin Puzzle


Petit Collage Mermaids Puzzle Tin


Petit Collage have put the FUN into functional with their 64-piece Mermaids Tin Puzzle, which transition – from a puzzle to a brightly illustrated coin bank.

Petit Collage Magnetic Dress Up – Superheroes


Petit Collage Superheroes Magnetic Dress Up Play Set


The Petit Collage Magnetic Dress Up – Superheroes set includes two magnetic figures, two wooden stands, 27 magnetic pieces, and a secret hide-out. 

Mudpuppy Our World Activity Pack


Mudpuppy Our World Activity Pack


Packaged in an adorable suitcase box that’s easy to carry, Mudpuppy’s Our World Activity Pack is perfect for travel, parties, or fun at home. The pack includes an activity book, 20+ stickers, 3 color-in postcards, a sketch pad, a color-in poster, and 5 crayons for hours of fun!

Petit Collage Gingerbread House

Petit Collage Gingerbread House

Perfect for small spaces and made from thick, sturdy recycled board, the Petit Collage Pop-Out Gingerbread House set has pieces that easily slide into slots for instant assembly. No tools required!

Mudpuppy My Pop Up Schoolhouse


Mudpuppy My Pop Up Schoolhouse


My Pop Up Schoolhouse from Mudpuppy comes in a house-shaped box with a rope handle for easy transport. The schoolhouse easily pops open into 3 charming classrooms, no assembly required. The set contains everything needed for hours of imaginative play including 5 cute play figures, 4 furniture pieces and 25+ stickers!

Mudpuppy Bag of Magic


Mudpuppy Bag Of Magic



Mudpuppy’s Bag of Magic is perfect for beginner magicians. Amaze friends and family with over 15 tricks, including mystifying cups and balls, multiplying rabbits, and a levitating wand, all neatly contained in a handy drawstring bag.

Olli Ella Play N Pack Forest


Olli Ella Play N Pack Forest AW19

A bag full of travel fun for little adventurers, the Play’n Pack is a backpack filled with imaginative play for small folk. Whether you are on the road, boat, plane or at your favorite cafe, the Play’n Pack will bring hours and hours of creative fun for your little one. The cotton drawstring backpack contains a coloring roll, stickers, non-toxic crayons, wooden binoculars and 52 color alphabet cards. Available in ForestFairy taleCity and Jungle.

Moulin Roty Ballerina Mouse Trunk Set

Olli Ella Play N Pack Forest AW19

Little ones will love dressing up the lovely Moulin Roty Ballerina Mouse Trunk Set and getting her ready for her next ballet! This adorable trunk set includes a child-safe mirror, clothes rod and shimmery outfits to dress Ballerina Mouse in.

Tangerine Toys Yo Yo


Tangerine Toys Wooden Yoyo in Teal

Sometimes it’s the simplest of toys that provide the most fun. The Tangerine Toys Wooden Yo-Yo is painted by hand in bright colors and will become a favorite toy for young and old.

Tender Leaf Toys Formula One Racing Tracks


Tender Leaf Formula One Racing Tracks

Kids will have fun playing with the Tender Leaf Toys Formula One Racing mat. Place the barricades, set the racing flags, and start a race! The set includes 2 colored wooden formula one cars, a finishing line, 2 racing flags and 6 barricades and a beautifully printed canvas play mat.


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