Ride On Toys – Tot Gift Guide

Ride on toys are not only fun, they’re extremely beneficial for both your tot’s physical and cognitive development! From rockers to balance bikes, we’ve got 15 amazing options to choose from.

Ride on toy gifts

Ride on toys are possibly one of the most important things you can give a child for their development. Whether it’s a rocker, balance bike, trike or peddle car, they all enable kids to strengthen their core and leg muscles, hone their balance and work on their coordination skills. They also get to learn just what their little bodies are capable of, which will boost their confidence.

When children are actively playing, their brains are thinking, imagining, solving problems and developing at full speed! While it may only look like physical exercise, playing on a ride on toy will also help develop your tot’s vocabulary and ability to express themselves emotionally.

Below are 15 ride on toys we love divided into age groups.


Best Ride On Toys


12 Months +

Baghera Speedster Rosalie Citroën

 Baghera Speedster Rosalie Citroen

Great for indoor and outdoor use, the Baghera Speedster Rosalie Citroën is beyond beautiful and beyond fun. The design allows little one to use their legs to push off the ground, which is great exercise.

Baghera Classic Pedal Car


How cute is the Baghera Classic Pedal Car? Another one that can also be a statement piece for any nursery, it provides hours of fun. 

Baghera Racer Monochrome

 Baghera Racer Monochrome

Outfitted with a horn and all, the Baghera Racer let’s little ones zoom around the house, learn how to steer and announce their arrival. 

Wishbone Wagon

 Wishbone Wagon

The Wishbone Wagon will be used for years and years. Whether toting toys or friends, tots can push, pull and ride all day long. 


18 Months +


Baghera Twister

Baghera Twister Ride On Toy 

Compact, robust and quiet, this ride-on is constructed from durable and heavy plastic and an ideal way for children to explore their environment while developing their coordination and motor skills.

Tender Leaf Toys Running Rabbit Ride On

Tender Leaf Running Rabbit Ride On 

Made from natural wood and non-toxic paint, the Tender Leaf Toys Running Rabbit Ride On is a great way to zoom around the house. With floor-safe rubber wheels, indoor play just got way more exciting.

Poppie Toys Poppie Horse


Poppie Toys Rocking Horse

The Poppie Horse is a classic in the making. Inspired by mid-century modern European design, your tot will imagine riding across the prairie, have untold adventures and befriend unicorns!

Wishbone 3-in-1 Bike

 Wishbone 3-in-1 Bike

With the ability to grow with your tot, this is a great gift that will provide entertainment and mobility up until the age of six.

Hape High Seas Rocker

Hape High Seas Rocker 

Little imaginations will soar with Hape’s High Seas Rocker. Suitable from 12 months, it’s a rocker that can do double time as decor.


2 Years +

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe Scooter

Micro Kickboard Scooter


With three sturdy wheels and a ‘learn to steer’ design, the Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe Scooter lets kids who don’t quite have the skill for balance play outside with ease.

Wishbone Cruise Bike

Wishbone Cruise Bike

The Wishbone Cruise is a balance bike mash-up, designed for stylin’ pre-schoolers who are ready to ride. Inspired by the 1950’s custom motorcycle scene, Wishbone Cruise is a uniquely-styled first ride for children aged 2 years and up.


3 Years + 

Baghera Vintage Red Tricycle

 Baghera Vintage Red Tricycle

Retro and classic in style, the Baghera Vintage Red Tricycle will be appreciated by the adults as well as the children. Made with a solid steel frame and rubber wheels, it’s a wonderful way for kids to play while developing their gross motor skills.

Banwood Bikes First Go Balance Bike

 Banwood Bikes First Go Balance Bike

 Banwood Bikes First Go Balance Bike

Balance bikes are one of the best ways to introduce your child into bike riding and Banwood knows exactly what kids want and need. Clad with a basket, children will love going for a leisurely ride inside and out. It’s also available in a special edition chrome.


5 Years + 

Little TokyoBike

 Tokyobike Little Tokyobike in Mustard Yellow

With the same attention to detail and simple, functional design as the grown up TokyoBike, this mini version is simply shrunk to perfection. Little tokyobikes come in a carefully considered palette of six colors for your little person to choose from, while a handle is built into the frame to help parents in easy lifting.


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