Educational Toys & Gifts – Tot Gift Guide

Rather than being seduced by flashing lights and enthralling sounds next time you’re searching for a child’s present, give them the gift of learning with these amazing toys…

A child playing with Jaq Jaq Bird Bored Boards

Kids love toys that buzz, beep, sing, spin, talk, dance and laugh. But what do they get out of these types of playthings? The truth is: not much. Like screens, toys that mesmerize children into passivity don’t tend to foster creativity, encourage imaginative play, improve problem-solving skills or enhance fine motor skills. Small minds get so much more out of toys that require them to manipulate, explore, ask questions, investigate, problem-solve and persevere.

And while it’s wonderful to get on the floor and play with your little ones (especially when they’re still young), it’s also important to give them plenty of unstructured and unscheduled play time. Free play not only develops their imagination, creativity, dexterity and decision-making skills, it also builds their confidence and contributes to their social and emotional development.

Here are some of our favorite educational toys that encourage children’s bodies and minds to grow and develop while they play.


Play Gym


The Lovevery Play Gym features five developmental zones designed to help your baby learn to focus, reach for objects, explore colors and more. There’s so much fun to be had! From birth.

Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Play Gym






Alphabet Puzzle


The Hape Chunky Alphabet Puzzle lets little ones practice their ABCs while also learning their colors! The puzzle is also ideal for developing language and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, letter and shape recognition and dexterity. From 3 years.

Hape Chunky Alphabet Puzzle

Hape Chunky Alphabet Puzzle






Interactive Learn A New Language Books


There are numerous benefits of learning a second language as a child and Habbi Habbi makes it an easy, fun and screen-free auditory experience! From 3 years – 10 years.



Habbi Habbi Starter Set + Reading Wand – Chinese






Habbi Habbi Book of Careers, Volume 1 + Reading Wand - Spanish

Habbi Habbi Starter Set + Reading Wand – Spanish






Wooden Maze Play Set


Your tot will love getting to become friends with a little butterfly, lady bug and bee, while strengthening their hand-eye coordination. From 3 years.

Petit Collage Apple Run

Petit Collage Apple Run Wooden Play Set






Alphabet Pictures


PlanToys’ alphabet and card set features three-dimensional letters that can be matched with a corresponding word and image. Perfect for developing language skills, developing letter formation and honing hand-eye coordination. From 18 months.

PlanToys Alphabet A-Z Learning Toy

PlanToys Alphabet A – Z






First Word Flash Cards


Perfect for the littlest learners, Mudpuppy’s First Word Flash Cards will help expand your tot’s vocabulary. Ages 1 and up.


Mudpuppy Baby's Frist Words Ring FLash Cards

Mudpuppy Baby’s First Words Ring Flash Cards






Deep Sea Puzzle


Want to go on a deep sea adventure without the wetsuit and oxygen tank? The Floss & Rock Deep Sea Shark Shaped Puzzle will open your tot’s eyes up to a world of sharks, deep sea divers, submarines and more. Ages 3 and up.


Floss and Rock Deep Sea Shark Shaped Jigsaw 80 Piece

Floss & Rock Deep Sea Shark Shaped 80 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle






Tool Set


Great for encouraging role play, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving, Moulin Roty’s 9-piece tool set is a must-have for play-based learning. Ages 3 and up.

Moulin Roty I am Working Tool Set


Moulin Roty Wooden Tool Set






Time, Shapes, Numbers & Letter Sheets


Perfect for at home or on-the-go fun, these reusable chalk boards will help you teach your tot how to tell time, write numbers and letters, learn shapes and more! Ages 3 and up.


Jaq Jaq Bird Bored Boards - Letter Boards

Jaq Jaq Bird Bored Boards – Letter Boards






Play + Learn Set


Featuring hand-selected toys and activities by an early learning educator, The Tot Play + Learn Sets are designed to help your tot reach important developmental milestones. Ages 3 – 4.


The Tot Learn & Play Sets 3-4y



The Tot Play + Learn Set 3 – 4 Years






Letter + Number Magnatabs


Mess-free learning? Yes, please! These genius magnatabs from Kid O help strengthen the muscles needed for tots to learn correct pencil grib and number/letter formation. From 3 years.

Kid O Number 0-9 Magnatab

Kid O 0-9 Number Magnatab






Kid O A to Z Lowercase Magnatab


Kid O a-z Lowercase Magnatab





Robotics Block Set


The Cubelets Discovery Set is the perfect introduction to the world of Cubelets® robot blocks. The world’s first robot blocks, these little robots teach big lessons such as robotics, engineering, design thinking, tactile coding, and computational thinking to builders of nearly any age. Ages 4 and up.

Robotics Cube Set

Modular Robotics Discovery Set






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