10 Activity Toys To Make Home Feel Like Summer Camp

From a veggie patch kit that can be cared for inside or out to the ultimate non-toxic arts & crafts set, here are 10 activity toys kids aged 2 to 10 will love!

socially distancing summer camp
Image via Kitpas USA

Even though we are seeing a lot of social distancing restrictions lightening up, it’s safe to say that Summer 2020 is not what we expected. While we’ve been amazed with how well our children have adapted to learning from home and adjusting to a new (not) normal, it’s still disappointing to tell them that more plans will continue to have to change or be cancelled entirely. Especially when plans involve the greatness that is: summer camp.

Whether it’s horseback riding, learning to make a batik wall hanging, twilight kayaking or basket weaving by the river, the activities your kids get to partake in get them out of their comfort zone, spark creativity, encourage problem-solving and ultimately build independence. With so many summer camp sessions put on hold, we’ve been scrambling to find ways to keep our kids entertained, stimulated and (let’s be honest) out of our hair.

Thankfully, the brands we love and trust have some pretty incredible options when it comes to at home activities for the kids.

Scroll down to discover our 10 favorite toys that will make home feel like summer camp.


#1 Reusable Game Boards


Complete with dustless non-toxic chalk, Jaq Jaq Bird’s five reusable game boards feature classic games like 4 in a row, hangman, dots & boxes, tic tac toe and a create your own game template. Fun for the whole family, they’re great for encouraging critical thinking! Age recommendation: 3 years +



Jaq Jaq Bird Bored Boards - Game Boards


Jaq Jaq Bird Bored Boards – Game Boards






#2 Drawing and Sticker Pack


When kids put on their Olli Ella Pack’N Play backpack, they’ll have everything they need to map out their next adventure! Ideal for encouraging open-ended creative play, it has stickers crayons, wooden trains, color-in alphabet cards as well as a 6.6 ft coloring roll! Age recommendation: 3 years +



Olli Ella Play N Pack Forest AW19


Olli Ella Pack’N Play – Forest






#3 Veggie Patch Kit


When kids get to partake in sensory play (such as gardening) they’re able to make connections between the body and mind, which is incredibly important for their cognitive development. Exclusively available at The Tot, Gardenuity’s My First Garden has everything your family needs to plant your own veggie patch inside or out! Age recommendation: 3 years +



Gardenuity My First Garden Set


Gardenuity My First Garden







#4 Modular Robotics – Cubelets Discovery Set


While it’s important for kids to learn the fundamentals of computer science and coding, finding a screen-free way isn’t always easy. Luckily, the genius minds at Modular Robotics have come up with the Cubelets Discovery Set! Kids can assemble the robotic blocks in multiple ways and off they go! Age recommendation: 4 years +



Modular Robotics Discovery Set with Box


Modular Robotics – Cubelets Discovery Set






#5 Arts & Crafts Set


It wouldn’t feel like summer camp if you didn’t spend the morning making your own masterpiece or stationary! The non-toxic Kitpas Little Artists Kit has everything kids need to learn about color mixing, stenciling and water-brushing! Age recommendation: 3 years +



Kitpas Little Artist Kit

Kitpas Little Artists Kit






#6 Art Easel


Hape’s All In One Double Sided Art Easel has a side for chalk, a side for dry-erase markers as well as a paper roll for painting, coloring or writing! Complete with pots for paints, it will make craft time active and fun! Age recommendation: 3 years +




Hape all in one easel


Hape All In One Double Sided Easel






#7 Pipe cleaners, beads, googly eyes and more!


Whether your tot wants to make a fabulous headband or create a family of technicolor furry friends, the Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library will have them sorted! Consisting of over 1000 pieces, it’s wonderful for encouraging creativity and hand-eye coordination. Age recommendation: 8 years +



Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library


Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library






#8 Non-Toxic Sidewalk Chalk


While sidewalk chalk has been around since we were kids, PIZZA SHAPED sidewalk chalk has not! Made from non-toxic ingredients, twee’s pizza sidewalk chalk may just inspire your tot to draw a by-the-slice pizza parlour for you to drive home to! Age recommendation: 3 years +




Twee pizza shaped Chalk


Twee Pizza Cheesy Pizza Sidewalk Chalk






#9 Non-Toxic Scented Play Dough


Play dough that smells like cheesecake? Yes, please! Handmade in small batches, Dough Parlour’s play dough set will have your child off on a wonderful sensory adventure. Both calming and creative, it’s wonderful for strengthening the muscles needed for correct pencil grip, buttoning buttons and zipping zippers! Age recommendation: 2 years +



Dough Parlour Collectors Set


Dough Parlour Collector Set







#10 Color-In Kids Cape


Since we’re all about imaginative play, we are HERE FOR Selfie Clothing Co.’s Color In Superhero Cake! While your tot is working on their fine motor skills, they’ll simultaneously be creating just the thing they need to fly around the backyard and rescue the family dog! Age recommendation: 2 – 10 years



Selfie Clothing Color In Cape


Selfie Clothing Co. Color In Cape – Superhero






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