10 Activities To Keep Your Kids Sane While Social Distancing

When you’re a parent, social distancing can seem extra daunting, especially if you need to work from home. In an effort to save your sanity, here are 10 ways to keep your kids tame while staying home.

Kids activities home for social distancing

We know that missing work, school, play groups, trips to the playground and visits with family can be tough. Especially on kids. But let’s use this time of social distancing to connect with each other, slow down and remember that there are actually a whole lot of ways to have fun.

From sitting down for a long lazy morning of coloring to whipping up some imaginary cookies, here are 10 activities to help keep your kids entertained, educated and stimulated, while you feel cool, calm and collected.


# 1 Get Crafty

While 2020 may feel like we’re back in 1918, the good news is we still have Internet which means a plethora of Kid Made Modern craft ideas!

With the abundance of toilet paper and paper towels everyone is hoarding, we found two fun spring themed projects that kids of all ages will love. The best part – they’re particularly great for honing fine motor skills!


Rain Sticks

Kid Made Modern DIY Rainsticks



  • Pom poms, sequins, paper straws
  • Paint (optional)
  • Recycled cardboard tubes
  • Beans and/or rice
  • Aluminum foil
  • Hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


  1. Pick a favorite color and paint the entire cardboard tube. Let dry. Alternatively, color with markers, crayons or pencils.
  2. Use the hot glue gun and decorate the outside of the rain stick however you like.
  3. Trace bottom of cardboard tube onto one of the kit’s sticker sheets (leave backing on sticker sheet). Cut the circle out and attach to the bottom of the tube with the hot glue gun.
  4. Pour a few scoops of beans and rice into the tube. Ball up a few small pieces of aluminum foil and add to the tube — it will help make a more realistic rain sound!
  5. View step by step examples here.


Egg Carton Upcycled Wreath

Kid Made Modern Wreath Craft



  • Washable Paints
  • Pom Poms
  • Construction Paper
  • Two paper egg cartons
  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Large dinner plate and small dessert plate
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • Pencil


  1.  Use a piece of cardboard to create a ring for your wreath. Trace around a large dinner plate for the outside of the ring.
  2. Use a smaller dessert plate for the inside of the wreath and then cut it out to form a ring.
  3. Use a pair of scissors to cut the individual cups and pointy centers out of the egg carton.
  4. Cut the pointy triangle pieces into flowers by making a slit at each corner and then bending them outward. Curve the edges of each petal with scissors.
  5. Make the cups into flowers by cutting slits around the edges and bending outward. You can make smaller petals by creating more slits. Round off the edges of the petals if you want.
  6. Paint the wreath ring green with washable paints. Let dry.
  7. Paint the flowers a variety of colors using washable paints. Let dry.
  8. Glue the flowers onto the cardboard ring using either hot glue (on the low setting) or craft glue. Mix up the colors and types of flowers as you go.
  9. Create colorful middles for each of the flowers by gluing a pom-pom in the centers.
  10. Cut petals from construction paper.
  11. Layer the leaves under the flowers by attaching with a little glue to the cardboard ring.
  12. View step by step examples here.

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library

Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library






Kid Made Modern Studio in A Box

Kid Made Modern Studio In A Box






#2 Get Creative (and Calm) with Play Dough!

Staying home can be stressful, which is why activities like playing with play dough can be a good idea. It will keep your tot’s hands busy while their minds can get creative and calm all at once. Be mindful that many play dough recipes can contain some not-so-nice ingredients, which is why we always opt for The Dough Parlour.

Dough Parlour Boy Set



Dough Parlour Boy Set

The Dough Parlour Transportation Set






The Dough Parlour Easter Play Dough


The Dough Parlour Easter Egg Decorating Kit







Dough Parlour Unicorn Set


The Dough Parlour Unicorn Set






#3 Decorate Your Drive Way

If the weather is warm, get outside! It doesn’t matter if your tot wants to work on their masterpiece or outline a hop scotch course, Twee chalk is just the thing they need!


Twee sidewalk chalk


Twee Carrie's Castle Chalk

Twee Carrie’s Castle Sidewalk Chalk Set






#4 Go On A Backyard Adventure

Can your tot find where the earthworms are hiding? What about identifying their favorite leaf? See any birds? Toys like the Moulin Roty Explorer’s Case will keep kids entertained for hours inside and out.


Moulin Roty Explorer Set

Moulin Roty Littler Explorer’s Case






#5 Bake Cookies

Baking cookies can be a great way for kids to use their little hands and minds. By giving them dough to kneed, shapes to cut and icing or sprinkles to decorate, you’ll help them hone their fine motor skills, while also hitting their sweet tooth!

Here’s a healthy and kid-friendly Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Sugar Cookie Recipe from Elizabeth Rider we love.

Don’t want the mess? You can always pretend bake or cook!


PlanToys Wooden Baking Utensils Set

PlanToys Baking Utensils






Hape Wooden Mix & Bake Blender Toy

Hape Mix & Bake Blender






Moulin Roty L'Atelier de Patisserie Baking Set

Moulin Roty L’Atelier de Patisserie






#6 Do A Science Experiment

With the Copernicus Natural Disasters Science Experiment Kit, kids can create a blizzard, tornados, and an erupting volcano in the safety of their own home!

Copernicus Natural Disasters Science Kit


Copernicus Natural Disasters Science Kit


On Sale: $12.60




#7 Stretch, Balance, Imagine and More

Believe it or not, you can do all of those things with the Wobbel! Suitable for toddlers to teens to 100-year-olds, this wonder toy can be used for stretching, yoga, as a bridge, as a step stool, as a slide, and more!


Girl balancing on a wobbel board

Kid playing on a wobbel board

Kid sliding down a wobbel board


Wobble Baby Mouse Gray

Wobbel – The Original with Felt






#8 Plant A Veggie Patch

Thanks to companies like Gardenuity, it’s never been easier to teach kids how to plant and care for their own veggie patch! Designed to encourage healthy eating habits and independence, the My First Garden Kit has everything you need to plant your own garden inside or out.

Gardenuity My First Garden Set


Gardeunity My first Garden Kit







#9 Have A Dance Party

When in doubt – dance it out! It doesn’t matter if you’re just going to have a straight up dance party or do a game of freeze dance, this fun kid-friendly playlist will get your family’s blood pumping!



#10 Swing Inside or out

Just like play dough, swinging does double time providing gross motor play as well as a calming experience. Easy to hang inside or out, we love this classic wooden swing from Solvej.


Solvej Board Swing Close Up

Solvej Board Swing






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