Tot Craft Corner: Nature Stick Mobile

Niccola Drake from craft blog, An Idea on a Tuesday, shows us how to make a simple hanging stick mobile using treasures foraged outdoors.

nature stick mobile

There are lots of advantages for children who play in nature – from improved cognitive awareness and decreasing stress to improved physical fitness.

Having natural materials inside your home can bring a sense of calm to your environment and help develop a great sense of appreciation for nature.

In this article, resident craft expert, Niccola Drake, shares her guide to natural threading and making a stick mobile.


How to make a stick mobile


Kids love being outside and collecting natural materials. Here’s a lovely way to display their beautiful collections!


What you need:


  • Natural Materials – Eg. Sticks, leaves and pods
  • Natural twine or string
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch




Collect a range of leaves, pinecones, pods or flowers and talk to your child about their size, shape and color.


Here’s the fun part! Use the hole punch to put at least one hole in each leaf.



Tie a pinecone or tree pod at the bottom of a piece of string. Start threading your leaves onto your string.



Once you have finished, tie the string onto an interesting stick and hang it somewhere special.




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