The Tot 10: Baby Shower Gifts

Have a friend who’s about to become a parent? Shower them in style with these gorgeous, guaranteed-to-be-useful and non-toxic baby gifts.


Looking for a total winner of a baby shower gift? Searching for baby registry ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

When shopping for a baby, you have to consider more than the cuteness-factor. Because babies have such sensitive skin and delicate respiratory tracts, it’s crucial to make sure that the gift you’re buying doesn’t contain any potentially harmful materials or ingredients. It’s also important to ensure it’s not a one hit wonder!

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • Materials & ingredients to avoid in baby gifts
  • Baby shower gift ideas
  • Non-toxic baby shower product picks

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Materials & Ingredients To Avoid In Baby Gifts

It’s one thing to say you’re safe and quite another to actually be safe. At The Tot, we never use or recommend anything that hasn’t passed The Tot Safety Test. This means we’ve looked at third-party testing, certifications and the composition of every product on our site!

Here’s our list of materials & ingredients we avoid in baby gifts and why:


Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and very low levels can irritate and burn the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. Those with asthma may have exacerbation of symptoms when exposed to formaldehyde.


Flame Retardants

Flame retardant chemicals have been linked to endocrine and thyroid disruption, impacts to the immune system, reproductive toxicity, cancer and adverse effects on fetal and child development.



PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, or vinyl, is an incredibly toxic chemical that is harmful to our bodies and to the environment right from the production phase through to disposal. It contains additives like phthalates, lead, cadmium, organotin that are quite toxic and have been linked to asthma, allergies, reproductive problems and cancer.


Harmful phthalates

Many phthalates are known endocrine disruptors associated with asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, breast cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, neurodevelopmental issues, behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, altered reproductive development and male fertility issues.



Bisphenols mimic the hormone estrogen and have been linked to prostate cancer, breast cancer, female infertility, and obesity. BPA is an especially dangerous endocrine disruptor since even small amounts of this chemical have been shown to cause serious reproductive damage, especially when the exposure occurs in utero.


Lead and other heavy metals

Exposure to heavy metals can cause nerve damage, learning and behavioral problems, reproductive damage and irreversible brain damage.

Click here to view the full list of ingredients that The Tot avoids.


Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If the parent-to-be you’re shopping for hasn’t registered, don’t fret! We have 10 best-selling baby shower gift ideas that will be total winners.

When shopping for a baby shower gift, it’s important to consider what the product is made of (more on materials to avoid further down!) and the versatility of the design. While it’s fun to receive a baby bouncer, high chair and kids chair, it’s even better when one product can be all of these things! (Don’t worry, we’re going to show you the Stokke Steps Bouncer/High Chair/ Big Kid chair soon!)

Tried & trusted baby shower gift ideas:

  • Organic cotton baby clothing
  • Baby bouncer
  • Developmental toys for infants
  • Non-toxic baby washes & lotions
  • Newborn dribble bibs
  • Organic cotton/bamboo rayon towel & wash cloth set
  • Infant lounger
  • Play gym
  • Pima cotton PJs
  • Bamboo sleeping bag

Scroll down to see our picks for each.


Non-Toxic Baby Shower Product Picks


Hart + Land $150 Gift Set in Micro Chip Grey


HART + LAND Organic Essentials 7 Piece Gift Set




Available in more colors





Stokke Steps Bouncer Deep Grey

Stokke Steps Bouncer Attachment



Available in more colors





Stokke Steps High Chair Complete Set - Natural and White Legs/Grey Cushion

Stokke Steps Complete High Chair







The Tot Learn & Play Set 0-3 m


The Tot Play & Learn Set 0-3 Months







Erbaviva Organic Baby Trio


Erbaviva Organic Baby Trio







Louelle Newborn Bibs Gift Set of 3 Harbour Island & White FW19


Louelle Newborn Bib Set of 3 – Harbor Island & French Grey







Louelle Newborn Bibs Gift Set of 3 Husky Grey & Blossom Pink FW19


Louelle Newborn Bib Set of 3 – Blossom Pink & Husk Grey







TOWL Curated Gift Set Snow


TOWL Organic Bamboo Towels – Curated Gift Set



Available in more colors





Dockatot Deluxe+ Dock


DockATot Deluxe+ Dock



Printed covers sold separately





Lovevery Play Gym


Lovevery Play Gym






Hart + Land baby/toddler pima cotton footed bodysuit - watermelons


HART + LAND Pima Cotton Footed Bodysuit PJ








HART + LAND womens pima cotton pij set - watermelon


HART + LAND Women’s Pima Cotton PJ Set








HART + LAND Organic Sleeping Bag


HART + LAND Baby Bamboo Sleeping Bag – Organic Dots




Available in more colors




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