The Insta-Famous Rattan Toys That Add A Fun, Stylish Touch To Any Playroom

Parents love them for their heirloom quality and non-toxic materials. Kids love them because they inspire imaginative play. Find out why Tiny Harlow’s rattan toys are capturing the attention of social media influencers and the hearts of their children.

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What’s all the hoopla surrounding Tiny Harlow’s rattan toys? Well, it began with founder Ebony Stevenson introducing her handcrafted toys on Tiny Harlow’s Instagram page with rave reviews, then EXPLODED when Khloe Khardashian shared an image of her daughter with Tiny Harlow’s rattan highchair. “So, so special,” she wrote to her 104 million followers. “The cutest stuff! @lorenridinger introduced me to your line and I’m in love!”


Tiny Harlow’s story

Ebony Stevenson, a mother and former owner of a wooden toy company, founded Tiny Harlow in 2018 with the mission of bringing back the quality and beauty of heirloom-quality toys. “Toys of the past were created with patience and love. They were handcrafted, lovingly made from raw and natural materials…of such high quality that they became family heirlooms. Tiny Harlow has a mission to bring back the quality and unique beauty of these heirloom toys to the modern world.”


What makes these toys so special?


All of Tiny Harlow’s products begin with a hand-sketched design. Once finalized, they are ethically hand made from sustainably-sourced rattan and cane in a small, family-run factory in Indonesia. From start to finish, all materials are sustainably sourced, non-toxic, and earth-friendly. Plus, they’re made to last from one child to the next, making them a toy that will be used and enjoyed for years to come.


Benefits of sustainably-sourced rattan


While natural materials are typically more eco-friendly than plastic, the sourcing of these materials makes all the difference. Rattan is in itself exceptionally sustainable, a tropical wood that renews every 5–7 years. When rattan is manufactured using eco-friendly processes, it’s not only greener, it’s also safer. Tiny Harlow’s toys are free of chemicals like BPA, BPS, harmful phthalates, formaldehyde and PVC without sacrificing quality, beauty or durability.


Our favorite Tiny Harlow playroom toys


Tiny Harlow Doll's Highchair

Tiny Harlow Doll’s High Chair





Doll’s Highchair

Inspire imaginative play with a highchair designed to fit dolls up to 15″ tall. A welcome addition to a play kitchen, it gives little ones the opportunity to practice caretaking and create endless pretend recipes.


Tiny Harlow Standard Bassinet

Tiny Harlow Doll’s Standard Bassinet





Standard Bassinet

Tuck dolls into a bed of their very own with a bassinet sized for up to a 15″ doll. The expertly handwoven rattan and cane frame comes with a cozy non-toxic mattress and removable cotton cover.


 Tiny Harlow Sunrise Bassinet

Tiny Harlow Sunrise Bassinet





Sunrise Bassinet

Cheerful sun rays adorn each side of this stunning toy bassinet. Perfect for tucking in cherished dolls and stuffies, then waking them up in the morning, it includes a cotton-covered, non-toxic mattress.


Tiny Harlow Changing Table

Tiny Harlow Doll’s Changing Table





Changing Table

Sized for both dolls and stuffed animals, Tiny Harlow’s sweet changing table is ideal for role-playing fun. Storage below keeps changing essentials within arm’s reach.


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