11 Essentials For A Day Out With A Toddler

Whether you need to get to a play date, are gearing up for a road trip, or are simply trying to get from point A to B, we’ve found the products you need to make the adventure a whole lot easier.


When you have a toddler, meeting a friend for lunch or a trip to the park can become a mission of epic proportions. You need to consider hydration, sustenance, entertainment, clothing and safety – as well as your sanity.

To help make the endeavor easier for both you and your tot, here are 11 essentials that can save the day.


#1 Olababy Bottle Transition Set

This thoughtfully designed feeding set is thoughtfully designed to help your child overcome obstacles — from latching and colic to painful gums and independent drinking — with ease. Plus, it helps make bottle weaning a breeze.



#2 We Might Be Tiny Bear Snackie


We Might Be Tiny Bear Snackie



Perhaps one of the most important rules of parenting: Never let a kid get hungry. They will become ‘hangry’ and your day will be ruined. (Trust us – we’ve been there.) Made from 100% food grade silicone, the We Might Be Tiny Bear Snackie is great for holding cut carrots, trail mix or sweet treats. The best parts: it’s dishwasher safe and the lid can even be used as a plate.


#3 Modern Twist Bucket Bib


Modern Twist Silicone Bucket Bib in Grey



Let’s be honest: kids aren’t great at staying clean. Thankfully the Modern Twist Bucket Bib is great at catching what your tot’s mouth misses. (Your child’s clothing will thank you!)



#4 Gathre Micro+ Mat



Gathre mats are completely genius. Made of bonded leather, they’re wipeable, water-resistant and easy to fold. The Micro+ size is perfect for diaper changes, snack time, nap time, play time and more!



#5 My Little Shop UK Liberty of London Reusable Face Wipes in Bag


#6 GB Air Pockit All-Terrain Stroller


Pockit All Terrain Stroller

GB Pockit Air All Terrain Black Grey Stroller


Weighing in at only 10 lbs, the GB Pockit Air All-Terrain Stroller can fold up into a tote-sized parcel meaning if your tot wants to walk they can walk and if they want to ride they can ride.



#7 HART + LAND Organic Long Sleeve Tee + Leggings


Hart + Land long sleeve tee shirt

Hart + Land Leggings


This should probably have been #1 on the list, but bring a change of clothes! You never know when a diaper explosion, puddle splash, mud bath, or coloring craft will take out your tot’s outfit. Made from insanely soft organic pima cotton, we love these basics from HART + LAND.



#8 HART + LAND Baby/Toddler Organic Solid Personalized Zip Hoodie


You never know what building will have the AC blasting or when the clouds are going to suddenly roll in. It’s wise to always have an easy to pull-over sweatshirt on hand for temperature changes. Made of a soft organic Pima cotton, this zip-up hooded sweatshirt is personalized with a colorful letter patch, making it extra-special.


#9 Pehr Stripes Away Swaddle



Swaddles are arguably one of the most versatile things you can have when you’re a parent. Great for stroller naps, creating shade or simply laying down for a place for your tot to play, Pehr’s uber-soft swaddle is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, in a generous size that doubles as a blanket, lovey or sun shade.


#10 Meri Meri Rainbow Stickers Sketch Book



There’s nothing like actually maintaining eye contact for five minutes while out to lunch with a friend. As parents ourselves, we understand not wanting to pass your child a phone or tablet, which is why we love this sticker-filled book. Pair it with Goober Crayons’ Pocket Crayons for even more creative fun!


#11 JEM + BEA Eco Backpack


Jem + Bea Denim Backpack


Being able to keep your hands free is a must when you have a toddler. Specifically designed for parents, JEM + BEA’s Eco Backpack is an absolute must for a day out with your toddler!



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