The Best Wooden Food Toys & Play Kitchens

Pretend play is not only fun for little ones, it offers a host of developmental benefits. Set your child’s imagination free with Milton & Goose’s range of wooden play kitchens and food toys.


Observe your young child playing make-believe and you’ll be amazed at the richness of their imagination. From pillaging pirates sailing the high seas to rogue princesses building icy towers, their developing minds take them on fantastical adventures to the far reaches of the universe.

But pretend play isn’t all about extraordinary stories and mythical creatures. Children also love to act out everyday scenarios such as Daddy cooking breakfast or Mommy going to work. As you watch them toddle away with your briefcase or oven mitt in hand, you feel your heart melt into a puddle.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • The benefits of make-believe play
  • How to create the ultimate play kitchen
  • Ways to encourage make-believe play while teaching children etiquette


Benefits of make-believe play


Beyond its cuteness factor, imaginative play has a range of cognitive and emotional benefits for children aged two and a half through six. Many experts even believe it to be a critical component of normal child development.

Two major study reviews found that it lays the groundwork for emotional self-regulation and can help children learn to reduce aggression, delay gratification and be empathetic. It also allows them to express both positive and negative feelings.

Make-believe teaches children the “theory of mind” – understanding that other people’s thoughts might be different from theirs and that a variety of perspectives exist. It has also been shown to improve social skills such as communication and problem-solving.

An important body of research has demonstrated that early imaginative play can enhance creativity. Creative individuals such as Nobel Prize winners and MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant awardees were found to have engaged in more pretend play as children.


Given all these benefits, it makes sense to encourage pretend play by providing children with toys that will set their imaginations free. And what better place to start than at the epicenter of all the activity in your home – the kitchen!

As advocated of play-based learning, we were thrilled when we discovered the play kitchen and toy food range from Milton & Goose. All made in the USA from child-safe and non-toxic materials, their timeless toys will be played with by generation after generation.

Scroll down to discover how to create the ultimate play kitchen!


Step #1:  Set the scene


A child's playroom showcasing the milton and goose play kitchen


Milton & Goose currently has two options for an essential play kitchen. One with a range hood and one without. However, if you currently have the essential without, you can easily add it on! With either set-up, kids can hone their hand-eye coordination by opening and close doors, twisting knobs, and turning on taps.

If you have any child-safe stainless steel pots to hand-down, they can be a great addition. Other utensils and cookware kids love include: whisks, spatulas, oven mitts, tea towels, measuring cups and frying pan.


Milton and Goose essential play kitchen


Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen w/ Hood



Available in more colors




Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen + Hood - Natural


Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen w/ Hood – Natural







Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen Grey AW19


Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen 



Available in more colors




Next, determine how much space you have. Do you think you can squeeze in a fridge for perishable items? When paired with the Essential Play Kitchen, the Milton & Goose Fridge offers extra space for kids to store their play food in. A fantastic way to introduce the concept of food storage, meal planning and the life-cycle of food, it can sit next to the kitchen or stand solo!


Milton & Goose Wooden Play Fridge in White


Milton & Goose Wooden Play Fridge in White


Milton & Goose Fridge – White



Available in more colors




#2 Get the basics!


Wooden play food sets from milton and goose


Every kitchen needs the basics so be sure to make sure your tot has things like veggies, milk, butter and eggs. A modern take on a classic concept, we love that Milton & Goose has swapped regular milk for organic and even added almond! And don’t even get us started on the cuteness that is their pantry set….Manuka honey, apple cider vinegar and flaky sea salt? #YesPlease


Milton and Goose Dairy Set


Milton & Goose Dairy Play Food Set







Milton & Goose Pantry Set


Milton & Goose Pantry Play Food Set






Milton and Goose AB & J Set


Milton & Goose Almond Butter & Jelly Play Food Set






#3 Want to make something extra special?


wooden play food from milton and goose


One of the best ways to encourage healthy and adventurous eaters is by allowing them to role play and create their own masterpieces! From roast veggies to fettuccine with anchovies, these Milton & Goose Sets will have them whipping up gourmet goodness in no time!



Milton and Goose Veggie Set


Milton & Goose Veggies Play Food Set






#4 Need somewhere to dine?


Milton and Goose Chair in Natural with white crescent play table, lifestyle image


Having a table and chairs that’s just the right size for kids sets the scene for hours of imaginative and creative play. The Milton & Goose Crescent Table is a favorite because it comes in two colors and offers a smooth, stylish and timeless space for kids to play and learn.


Milton and Goose Crescent Play Table in Natural


Milton & Goose Crescent Table



Available in more colors




Milton and Goose Chairs in Natural


Milton & Goose Crescent Chairs (Set of 2)



Available in more colors




#5 Don’t forget about manners!


Even though we want our kids to play independently, don’t be afraid to join in on the fun every now and then! Show them your favorite “pretend” pancakes or cooking hacks! You can also spend this time practicing etiquette with the Marie-Chantal Manners Begin at Breakfast book!


Marie Chantal Manners Begin at Breakfast

Marie-Chantal Manners Begin at Breakfast (Limited Edition)







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