Fun Kids Activities For The Holidays

Stuck for ideas on how to keep the kids entertained? Here are some fun and simple ideas that parents will enjoy too!

Kids activities winter



  • Make a Eco-kids dough Thanksgiving table centerpiece
  • Make a paper bag turkey puppet and on it write the things your child is thankful for
  • Read books about what it means to be thankful
  • Collect can goods for a canned food drive
  • Use pipe cleaners and bend them into a Turkey foot, dip into paint and make Turkey tracks
  • Do something you love together as a family – e.g. go to the movies or an art gallery, bake cookies together etc
  • Make a thankful book for your child. They can help you make it but it should include photos of people who are important in their lives. Children love photos of familiar faces! Under each photo you can write why you are thankful for them
  • Go on a fall scavenger hunt! Choose a few fall items you know you can find and draw pictures of them
  • Use an empty water bottle, cut out a turkey face and feathers and glue onto the water bottle. Put pom poms in a bin and use kids activity tweezers to pick up the pom poms and “feed” the turkey by putting them in the bottle! Great fine motor activity.

Christmas Activities


  • Start a holiday puzzlecraft or coloring in project together
  • Read books about Christmas
  • Collect and paint pine cones
  • Make a snow window by tapping contact paper to the window with the sticky side out. Use cotton balls, rounds and Q-tips to stick on and make snowflakes or snowmen
  • Write a Christmas kindness countdown list together to complete each day
  • Decorate a Petit Collage Holiday Paper Doll Chain
  • Make “reindeer food” (sparkles and oats) to sprinkle across the yard so santa will know where to go!
  • Take an evening walk or drive to see the holiday lights in your neighborhood
  • Create your own ornaments with Melissa and Doug’s DIY Ornament kit
  • Paint the ice: mix water with a half a cup of baking soda and freeze. When frozen paint the ice with different colors of paint
  • Bake and decorate festive cookies together.
  • Talk about your family traditions and come up with a new one together to add to the list
  • Write a letter to Santa
  • Make some snack and settle in to play a game together
  • Cut out a large felt Christmas tree and hang it on the wall. Make felt ornaments for it and let your child decorate and redecorate as they please!
  • Make some non-toxic slime!
  • Have your child choose a toy to give to someone less fortunate
  • Help your child wrap a gift for someone else.

New Years Eve


  • Play dress ups and do some dancing. Get everyone to choose their favorite song to dance to together.
  • Fill an ice cube tray with a splash milk and color with different food colors, dip a paint brush and paint fortune cookies to open at your New Year’s meal.
  • Make glitter play dough!
  • Set the table for a nice family dinner, make special placemats or decorations
  • Make your own shakers: Take a toilet paper or paper towel roll, fill withs some uncooked beans and tape the ends closed. Then paint and decorate!
  • Have a dance party
  • Do a New Year’s baking soda experiment: Fill glasses with baking soda and glitter. Then make the punch in another bowl using vinegar and a food coloring. When you are ready to try the experiment, ladle the “punch” mix into the cup and watch the reaction of the mixture. Wow!
  • Blow up lots of balloons: They are fun to dance, throw and play games with
  • Make an interactive meal or have your child help prepare part of the meal
  • Make New Year’s resolutions as a family
  • Do some firework painting: take a toilet paper roll and cut slits half way up then bend the sides down so it looks like a flower (or firework) dip it in paint and make prints on paper
  • Make New Year’s countdown bags: Children can open the bag each hour leading up to the New Year which will contain a new fun activity to guide the evening and countdown. They can be as simple as a treat, an activity, something to color or create, or anything you desire!