7 Out Of The Box Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for a gift that really stands out? From a sterilizer that uses UV rays to eliminate bacteria to a baby bag backpack worthy of a runway, here are 7 baby shower gifts that will bring all the feels and all the functionality.

Feat_baby shower presents

Choosing the perfect baby shower gift can be tricky, especially if the mama to be hasn’t registered. It can also feel a bit mundane and repetitive. Bottles, sterilizers, onesies, blankets, diaper cake – rinse and repeat.

But what if you could gift something that is practical, but also totally stylish and amazing? What if that gift could bring immense happiness and gratitude with every use? Well, now you can because we’ve picked 7 products that aren’t only fun – but functional.

Beaba Babycook Macaron Collection


Being able to cook your baby organic and fresh food is an incredible gift in itself. Finding the time? Another gift…. Luckily, the Beaba Babycook makes it all possible! Their new Macaron Collection also makes it super stylish for any space.


Upang Plus UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Upang UV LED Sanitizer - White

Unlike standard sterilizers that use heat and steam, the Upang sterilizer utilizes UV rays that kill deadly strains of bacteria. It’s also beautifully designed. The best thing about this sterilizer? It also sterilizes mobile phones, remotes and more meaning you’ll use it for years to come.


Pehr Woodland Creatures Mobile

Petit Pehr Woodland Creatures Mobile

Mobiles are great for a number of reasons – they add to the theme of your child’s room while also helping tots sharpen their vision while they peacefully drift off to sleep. This Pehr mobile featuring playful woodland creatures is hand-made with 100% wool felt.


Holy Name Organics Body Pillow

Holy Lamb Organics Full Size Body Pillow

This pillow is going to be adored even before baby arrives. It’s no secret that trying to get comfortable while seven months pregnant is a difficult task. The Holy Lamb Organics Body Pillow is long enough and bendy enough to fill all the right nooks and crannies. Once baby arrives, mamas can use it for feeding. This pillow is like gifting a best friend.


January Moon Sensory Necklace

January Moon Cotton Candy Sensory Necklace

Made from 100% silicone, this necklace offers relief for little ones while dealing with teething issues such as sensitive gums, along with anxiety and SPD. Its vibrant hues ensure it will become a favorite for parent and child alike.


Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy


Perhaps the ultimate starter kit for parents, the Fridababy has something to fight and soothe any ailment you can imagine! From stuffy noses to gas that will absolutely not pass – this kit literally might save the day (or night.)


 Jem & Bea Jamie Nylon Backpack

Jem and Bea Eco Backpack

Completely gender neutral and easy to wear (and love,) the Jem & Bea Jamie Eco Backpack is especially great for parents who like to get out and about, while keeping their hands free. Its nylon fabric is easy to wipe clean, but also sleek enough to be worn even after baby doesn’t need to be catered for anymore.