5 Toys That Kickstart The Imagination

Children enhance cognitive and creative strength as they ignite their imaginations, which helps them gain confidence and resilience. Here are 5 toys that will help inspire them.

Domestic Objects

Pediatricians around the world agree that play-based learning is one of the most crucial things children can do to help develop their capacity to learn, feel and communicate. This is why recess in school is so important. Engaging in the type of play that evokes emotion is necessary for little hearts and minds to grow because it allows children to absorb and process the world around them.

Imagination in particular is a wonderful tool to build confidence and hone problem-solving skills. Whether this is done solo or in group play, the simple act of encouraging children to use their minds to imagine a story, solution or problem will enable them to handle whatever life may throw at them later on down the track. Many of our favorite brands have consulted with child psychologists to design toys that cater to the emotional and physical needs of today’s youth.


The first toy we love is The Dena Large Neon Rainbow.

Dena Small Rainbow Stacker

Not only is puzzle play great for sharpening fine motor skills, it is the ultimate tool for developing problem solving skills. The Dena Large Neon Rainbow is a new take on a classic game. Unlike typical puzzles that are flat, this one stacks up like building blocks. Made from 100% silicone, it can double as a prop in any game of make believe and also be used as décor!

The Tender Leaf Toys Tool Bench is also an oldie but goodie.


Tender Leaf Tool Bench


Made of natural wood, this modern take on a child’s tool kit lets kids learn how things work and mimic the actions they see around them. Whether they’re building an entire house or fixing the leaking kitchen sink tap, your tot will be well equipped to handle any problem big or small.

For kids who prefer crafts, we recommend the Dough Parlour Transportation Set.

Dough Parlour Transportation Set

Play dough can be a therapeutic and relaxing way for kids to play. If your tot is anxious, kneading the dough and creating a make believe feast can help calm their busy mind. The Dough Parlour Transportation Set is particularly awesome because the kit is made from 100% non-toxic ingredients and scented in strawberry, cotton candy, green apple and vanilla. Made in Canada, this toy can provide hours of fun.

Remember building a fort as a child? There was pretty much nothing better, right? Well Domestic Objects has created a playhouse that can be a permanent fort in your tot’s play space all year round.

Domestic Objects Playhouse

The Domestic Objects Playhouse can also be a cottage, nap space, reading nook, tea party shade and more. Made of 100% cotton, this is an heirloom piece that can be passed down from generation to generations for decades of imaginative play.

Last, but definitely not least, on our list of toys for sparking imagination is the Maileg Princess and the Pea Mouse.

Maileg Princess and the Pea Mouse


Designed in Denmark, the Maileg Princess and the Pea Mouse is the essence of childhood play. With a pink cardboard castle and mattresses and mouse, kids can create their own stories using this set. Packaged in an easy to carry and store castle, this toy is perfect for travel and is another item sure to stay with the family for years.