3 Toy Types That Siblings Will Actually Play With…Together

While no toy can totally get rid of sibling battles, these 3 types of toys encourage collaborative play among little tots.

Photo by Syrie Wongkaew

It’s every parent’s dream for their children to play peacefully together. But let’s face it, too often sibling play sessions turn into battles over the littlest things — the best shovel or whose turn it is to play with a favorite doll. 

While fights among siblings are an unavoidable and normal part of having multiple kids, there are certain toys that work better than others for fostering collaborative sibling play. 

Toys that are fun for multiple ages are a great place to start because they remove the need for you to constantly tell a younger sibling that certain toys are off-limits.

Open-ended toys can also be successful because siblings can play with them in many different ways and find ways to work together.

Finally, toys that involve imagination and creativity are excellent choices because let’s face it, no adult will ever be as good at playing pretend games as another child, making a sibling a natural playmate for this type of toy.


3 of the best toy types for sibling play

All Tot Tested and approved, here are three of the best toys to encourage collaboration to get you started!


#1 Building Toys


Open-ended building toys are excellent for sibling play because they’re enjoyable for babies all the way through elementary-aged kids. 

Block sets also have many pieces meaning that each child can participate, without too many fights over certain pieces. The children have the option to work together and build a joint creation, or to build separately, enjoying parallel play.

It can be really fun to set up a building station in a corner of your house with several sets of different types of blocks. This really encourages creativity and ensures that there are plenty of pieces for multiple children to use. Rotate the blocks periodically to keep the creativity going!


Zephyrs Nest Nature Block Set

Zephyr’s Nest Nature Blocks Set







Guidecraft Sensory Rainbow Blocks

Guidecraft Wooden Sensory Rainbow Blocks






Rock Blocks Valencia Set of 16

Rock Blocks – Valencia 16-piece Set





#2 Imaginative Play Toys


Imaginative play is another excellent option for siblings because most pretend games are actually more fun to play with another child.

The Essential Play Kitchen, along with some pretend food allows tots to create all sorts of elaborate meals, either for each other or for you. They can work together, taking turns being the chef and the customer, or can simply play alongside each other, each making their own creation.


Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen White

Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen






Milton and Goose Veggie Set


Milton & Goose Veggies Play Food Set





Guidecraft Foundation Set A

Guidecraft Foundation Train Set A






Papoose Wooden African Animals


Papoose Wooden African Animals






#3 Art Supplies


Art supplies are another wonderful option for sibling play. In particular, the Dough Parlor play dough is totally non-toxic, perfect for tiny hands. The special scents also make it super fun for older kids though!

Your tots can explore their creativity together and your older child might even take on a leadership role and show a younger sibling how to make different things with the dough.

And you simply can’t go wrong with sidewalk chalk and crayons!



Dough Parlour Collector Set

Dough Parlor Collector Set






Twee Dragon Egg and Scales Sidewalk Chalk

Twee Dragon Egg & Scales Sidewalk Chalk






Kitpas Crayons


Kitpas Crayon Set – Medium






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