8 Of The Best Books For Toddlers

Author Neil Gaiman once said, “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” What a wonderful gift to give to a child!

best toddler books

Reading is one of the best things you can do with children if you want them to have a great start in life and grow up with active minds, boundless imaginations and large vocabularies.

Many studies show that students who love learning and do well in school are exposed to reading before preschool. It builds their attention span, listening skills, thinking skills (such as cause and effect) and their understanding of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, people, relationships and situations. It also sets a foundation for later in life as reading problems can be hard to fix the longer you leave them.

It’s never too early to start reading. You can even begin when your child is in the womb! Reading is a wonderful relationship builder as it strengthens your bond with your child, calms them and promotes good communication between the two of you.

It’s important for children to have positive attitudes towards reading throughout their lives and this starts at home. So to help you, we have put together some top reading tips as well as a list of the 10 best books for toddlers.

How to read with toddlers

  • Try to share at least two books each day and have a special reading space like a chair, lounge or beanbag that’s big and comfortable.
  • Make reading relaxed and fun so that your child looks forward to it. Choose a time when you are both not tired and rushed and turn off the TV.
  • Let your child choose their favorite book and be prepared to read it again and again. Repetition is how they learn.
  • Ask your child questions about the book and take the time to listen to their answers. Toddlers have strong opinions and interesting ideas about the world around them so encourage your toddler to tell you what he or she thinks. This process will help to build language skills and confidence.
  • Teach your child to treasure books and treat them with respect.
  • Fill your home with books so your child can easily reach them anytime.
  • Take books to places where you have to wait for a long time, like the doctor’s office or when traveling.

What to look for when choosing a book

  • Books with rhyme, rhythm and repetition are always winners.
  • Short books to begin with will help hold their attention.
  • Books about a favorite topic, such as animals, cars, princesses, super heros, space, trains and families are great.
  • Books that relate to your child’s current environment are a clever way of teaching them about their life or preparing them for change such as potty training, school, or moving to a new house.

Look for books with only a little text on each page so as not to overwhelm them.

Simple drawings and bright colors are top picks as well.

8 best books for toddlers

  1. Opposites with Frank Lloyd Wright by Mudpuppy: This brightly coloured and engaging board book teaches young children basic concepts while providing an interactive introduction to one of the greatest architects of our time.
  2. My Very Own Trucks Personalized Storybook by I See Me!: In this customizable book, the reader follows their name being spelled out letter-by-letter with the help of some super cool heavy machinery!
  3. I Can Change the World Personalized Storybook by I See Me!This empowering, self-esteem-building story teaches kids that change can start with just one person – them!
  4. My Very Own Name Personalized Storybook by I See Me!:  In this sweet personalized story, the reader will follow a quirky group of animal friends as they learn about their unique name, letter by letter.
  5. M is for Me Personalized Storybook by I See Me!: Teach your child the alphabet as you travel through each letter while learning about the characteristics that make your child unique and awesome!
  6. Sissies Adventure Series by Marisa HowardIn this three-book bundle, Big Sissy shows Little Sissy the ropes of adventure and travel, and each part focuses on the unbreakable bond of sisterhood and the different ways to explore the world around you.
  7. Swan Lake by The Story OrchestraThe classic ballet is reimagined in a musical book that’s sure to delight. Each enchanting scene includes pressable buttons that play the sound of an orchestra playing from Tchaikovsky’s score.
  8. The Sleeping Beauty by The Story OrchestraEach page in this enchanting, classic story of The Sleeping Beauty includes the sound of an orchestra playing from Tchaikovsky’s score.