Why we love the Stokke Tripp Trapp

Since 1972, 10 million Stokke Tripp Trapp high chairs have been added to dinner tables around the world thanks to famed Norwegian industrial designer, Peter Opsvik. The ergonomically designed and museum-worthy high chair can be used from birth to teen/adult years and is now available in an array of vibrant colors that will suit any décor!


Like many of the products we love and recommend; the idea for the Stokke Tripp Trapp stemmed from the need of a parent and a gap in the market. When Peter Opsvik’s son, Tor, outgrew his high chair at age two, Opsvik discovered that there wasn’t any other high chair available that could provide the support and safety his son needed, while allowing him to sit comfortably at table height with the rest of his family. Already renowned for his chair designs, it made sense for Opsvik to take on the challenge of creating the ultimate high chair. Numerous awards and happy families later, it’s safe to say he knocked it out of the park.

As someone who spent a lot of time thinking about a society that was (and is) becoming increasingly sedentary, Opsvik wanted to ensure that kids could safely move in their chair, so he incorporated both a depth and height adjustable seat, footplates and back support for every stage of life. Unlike the typical high chair you’re used to seeing (with a plastic tray that sticks out!) the Stokke is designed to fit up to your dinner table so that your baby can be in the heart of your family. By letting them witness you eat and communicate, your baby can learn and develop alongside of you.

Since cognitive and physical development is a daily part of a child’s life, the Stokke Tripp Trapp is designed to aid and encourage independence. With strategically spaced legs and steps, even a young toddler can safely climb up into the chair by themselves. As your child grows, so does the chair. Made from 100% cultivated beech wood, Stokke has also focused on producing a high chair with minimal effects on the environment. Through high production standards, the ability to modify the high chair and a timeless design, the Tripp Trapp is meant to last a lifetime.

When you have a newborn, you can simply add the newborn bassinet attachment and use the chair as a lounger. From 6 months – two years, the Baby Set and Cushion can help your child comfortably sit up at the table for meals and family time. Around three to four, your toddler is ready to sit in their Tripp Trapp on their own, without the use of the Baby Set. Because it’s fully adjustable, you can find the perfect fit for your child, which encourages and promotes correct posture from head to toe.

From six onwards, the chair can be used for mealtime, working at their desk or doing crafts. Again, the ability to adjust the height ensures that their ankles, knees, hips, back and neck are all aligned correctly. You can also add or remove the cushion to fit the needs of their ever-changing personalities too!

Because the chair holds up to 176 pounds, it can be used well into adulthood. (Imagine sending it off to college! Best purchase ever.)


Key features:

  • Made of sustainable beech wood
  • Finished with water-based, non-toxic paints and varnishes
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Adjustable seat and footrest (depth and height)
  • Ergonomically designed to promote correct posture
  • Includes tray, Baby Set and cushion
  • Newborn carrier doubles as rocker (Sold separately)
  • Extended 7 year manufacturer warranty
  • Free from bisphenol and phthalates
  • Certified by JPMA

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