Why black and white toys are best for baby

Did you know that newborns only see black and white until about 3 months of age? We take a look at why providing high contrast monochrome toys is beneficial for babies and which ones we love.


According to The Academy of Pediatrics babies are born accustomed to living in a dark and muted environment. Up until about three to six months of age they can only see between 12-15 inches in front of them and can only really see in black, white and grey tones, which is why finding toys and décor in high contrast black and white can be extremely beneficial for your child’s development.

Stimulating your baby’s vision and helping them determine shapes and colors is important for strengthening their cognitive abilities as well as their gross motor skills. Because high contrast images are easier for babies to interpret, they are the best way for your tot to lengthen their attention span, improve his or her memory and develop their nervous system. It is also beneficial in terms of social development. Being able to describe something allows your child to expand their vocabulary and boost their confidence.

Another pro of getting for black and white toys and décor for your newborn means you can add pops of color later on that align with your tot’s interests. Black and white is also gender neutral, timeless and educational meaning you’ll get multiple uses for multiple children.

Our Picks For Black and White Toys:

Wee Gallery Safari Organic Playmat


The Wee Gallery Safari Organic Playmat offers a safe and soft place for your baby to do tummy time while learning about African animals. Featuring cute animal illustrations, it will add minimalist charm and value to any space.


Wee Gallery Activity Pad


Perfect for travel or as an aid during tummy time, the Wee Gallery Activity Pad allows your baby to discover sounds, textures and hidden items, while strengthening their eyesight and gross motor skills.


Wee Gallery Animal Rattle


Rattles are great for helping babies learn to grasp, shake and throw. The Wee Gallery Animal Rattle features their classic easy to see black and white illustrations as well as a child safe wood ring that can double as a teether. It’s also easy to attach to a stroller or play gym.


Dockatot+ Deluxe Toy Arch


Designed to work with the Dockatot+ Deluxe Dock and Dockatot Arch Toy Set, the Dockatot Toy Arch in black and white stripes helps your tot see toys dangling above them while lying on their back. This will encourage them to reach, bat and try to identify the fuzzy animals hanging above. It’s also entertaining and will totally give you 10 minutes to sit down!


Cheengoo Panda Ring Rattle


Made from machine washable bamboo viscose, the Cheengoo Panda Ring Rattle is a must have for all babies. The ring makes it easy to hold, the bamboo material makes it safe to slobber on and the color scheme makes it easy to see! (Such a great baby shower gift!)


Wee Gallery Sensory Clutch Ball

Popularized by Montessori teachers, the Wee Gallery Organic Sensory Clutch Ball is designed to delight your baby’s developing senses. Their signature high-contrast hand painted graphics grab baby’s attention visually, while its textures provide tactile stimulation.