The USA Love List: 10 Made in America Brands

Finding things made in the USA ethically and with little impact on the environment fills our hearts with so much joy. In this article we tell you about 10 of our favorite brands that tick all the right boxes.


Looking for brands that design and manufacture their products in the USA? Us too. Being able to shop locally knowing that the item we’re buying is supporting our economy is extremely important to us. It’s also important to know that the item is ethically produced and safe for our health as well as the earth. Below are 10 brands and products ranging from baby carriers to wooden blocks that are 100% made in the USA and delivering in a big way.


Solly Baby


Run out of the Rowley Family’s home in San Diego, Solly Baby is famous for their eco-friendly and easy to wear wrap carriers. Not only does the brand manufacture their products in the US, they regularly contribute to Every Mother Counts, Christy Turlington Burns’ charity supporting maternal health in the third world.



Eco-Finger Paint

Since craft supplies usually end up on your tot’s skin and in their mouths, making sure they’re non-toxic is of the utmost importance. Eco-Kids creates finger paints that are made with natural ingredients and works with environmentally friendly companies from around the US to bring you numerous fresh ideas in the world of art supplies.


Green Toys


Not only are Green Toys made in the USA, they are made from recycled milk bottles. Incredible, huh? By using recycled plastic, Green Toys is able to divert plastic from landfill, save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Based in California, the brand is now loved by kids and parents worldwide.




One of the driving forces behind the creation of The Tot was Nasiba’s quest for children’s dinnerware that wouldn’t leach toxic chemicals into her children’s food. On her search, she discovered Re-Play who make containers and dinnerware free from BPAs, PVC, phthalates or melamine (which can contain formaldehyde). Today, Re-Play is still a family-run business and all products are proudly made, assembled and tested in the USA.


Uncle Goose


Handcrafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Uncle Goose makes heirloom quality wooden blocks using sustainable materials from around the Great Lakes. With a playful approach to making educational and fun toys, they’re extremely passionate about being socially and environmentally considerate, which is why they only use fast-growing basswood and non-toxic, child-safe inks.


Milton & Goose


When Shari Raymond became a mom, she wanted to create American made, non-toxic, battery-free and heirloom-quality toys designed to last generations and thus the Milton &Goose kids kitchen was born. Made by Amish artisans in Pennsylvania from sustainable and non-toxic materials, they’re quickly taking homes around the US by storm.


Go Gently Nation


Based in LA, this eco-friendly and completely American made brand makes eco-conscious fashion for kids, adults and homes. Go Gently Nation uses organic and sustainable fabrics, recycled paper hangtags, water based inks, low impact dyes and recycled fabric remnants wherever possible, which is why we love them!




Finding comfortable clothes when you’re pregnant was not an easy task until Blanqi came on the seen. Made in America, they make leggings and tanks that provide the support, breathability and style you need throughout those magical 9 months and then some!


Little Sapling Toys


Founded and run by husband-wife duo Nick and Kimber, Little Sapling Toys creates handcrafted wooden toys that are designed to grow with kids throughout their childhood. Made of sustainably harvested American hardwoods in the US, they do not use any paints or dyes, instead achieving their finishes with non-toxic local beeswax or organic jojoba oil.


Lex and Liv


Noticing a gap in the market for stylish and safe baby shoes, Lex and Liv decided to create American made moccasins for tots. Handcrafted in upstate New York from vegetable-tanned toxin free leather, they’re eco-friendly, safe for your baby’s development and insanely cute.