The Tot Gift Guide For A One-Year-Old

With their minds and bodies going full steam ahead, one-year-olds love toys that help them explore and understand the world around them. From classic books to innovative cork blocks to a FSC timber and leather play center, we’ve got gift ideas for everyone…year old.

Feat_one year old toys

First birthdays are one of the most special milestones and it’s nice to be able to give gifts that are not only meaningful and fun, but also purposeful. Around 12 months of age babies are getting stronger by the day and even more curious about their surroundings.

While many tots may be standing and walking, others may still be working on their core strength and mastering sitting up and crawling. Regardless of their physical strength, they are now ready for toys that they can hold, inspect and manipulate. Musical toys like the Baby Noise Double Maraca and open ended toys like Raduga Grez Small Arch Stacker let little ones experience cause and effect, while promoting creativity and active playing.


BabyNoise Double Maraca White AW19


Blocks and shape sorters are also a great way for tots to work on their hand-eye coordination. They’re great for expanding their vocabulary. By finding sets that are brightly colored and easy for little hands to hold, they can do double time in the developmental department by helping tots identify shapes and colors.


SABO concept Wooden Building Blocks Mini Set

Play gyms and play centers tend to get a lot of use around this age. Instead of simply reaching and batting toys, one-year-olds can grab, move and make LOTS of noise. (They also have longer attention spans, which means they’re more likely to really explore the play gym, while you have a moment to yourself!)


The Lovevery Play Gym is the only play gym that comes with an abundance of developmental activities and exercises to help little ones master every milestone. The Wonder and Wise Activity Chair is also genius because it provides the support needed for your tot to sit up, with a number of different activities from crinkle sounds to peek-a-boo flaps.


Wonder & Wise by Asweets Square Activity Chair


Although reading to your child is important from day one, they really begin to interact with the book around their first year mark. They may point, turn the page, try to speak and get a firmer understanding of the storyline. We a range of books for every age group, but we especially love, a personalized book for first birthdays!