Gifts For Babies 0-6 Month Olds – The Tot Gift Guide

Shopping for a newbie? While we know you’re probably itching to buy a tiny tutu or tuxedo, it’s wise to think about developmental milestones at this age, the practicality of baby clothing and the longevity of the gift. Here are the holiday and Christmas gifts we’re loving for the little one in your life!

A 6 month old baby playing with a gift.

During the first 6 months of a baby’s life, they will begin to develop a sense of space. Stimulation of the senses is key during this period of development, which is where carefully selected activity toys can come into play.


Child Development Milestones at 0 – 6 Months Old

When babies are born, their vision is very nearsighted. This means they can really only see about 8 – 10 inches in front of their face. Providing high contrast images for them to focus is on is a great way for them to start strengthening their sharpening their vision. You’ll see that many of our gift selections below are black and white rather than a variety of bright colors.

Equally important is tummy time. When a little one lies on their tummy, they begin to work their neck and back muscles, which will help them learn to sit up and eventually walk. Tummy time is also a great way to help babies reach the milestones of learning cause and effect as well as developing fine motor skills such as tracking, reaching, grasping, shaking and passing. By placing an easy to grasp toy – like the Wee Gallery Sensory Clutch Ball – in front of them, they’ll be enticed to try and get it.

While gifts at this age can also be fun, sentimental and practical, it’s wise to think about the longevity of the gift. For example – we love the Lovevery Play Gym because it’s specifically designed to help a baby reach milestones throughout the first year of their life. It’s one of the best toys for a 6 month old! Once they hit their 1-year-old birthday, it can transform into a cozy tent that’s perfect for reading, napping or playing house!

We also love the everyday basics from HART + LAND because they’re made of naturally hypoallergenic Pima cotton, are super easy to mix and match and durable enough to be handed down to younger siblings or friends.


Best Gifts and Baby Toys for 0 – 6 Month Olds

Whether you’re shopping for the holidays, a baby shower or a ‘just because’ present for a newborn to 6 month old, here are some of our gift recommendations:

  • Easy to mix and match wardrobe basics
  • Footed pajamas
  • Teething toys
  • Soft rattle
  • Musical toy
  • Play gym
  • Clutch ball
  • Soft doll
  • Soft book

Scroll down to see our favorite educational toy and baby clothing gift ideas, and shop below. They’re the perfect presents for both 6 month old boys and girls!


10 Piece Baby Gift Set

Babies are in and out of clothes all day, which is why we love basics that can be easily mixed and matched! Consisting of 10 pieces, this gift set is mostly full of clothing but there’s also a wonderful Loulou Lollipop Trinity Teether in the set.


Hart + Land $250 Gift Set in Micro Chip Grey

HART + LAND Organic Essential 10 Piece Baby Gift Set




3 Piece Baby Gift Set

A mini version of the above essentials set, this gift set includes a long sleeve onesie, hat and Loulou Lollipop Pacifier Clip that doubles as a teether.


Hart + Land $50 Gift Set in Micro Chip Grey

HART + LAND Organic Essential 3 Piece Baby Gift Set




Footed Bodysuit – Classic Holiday

Since Christmas is just around the corner, you can’t go wrong with this easy to love, festive pajama bodysuit!

Hart + Land Classic Holiday Footed Pajama

HART + LAND Pima Cotton Footed Bodysuit – Classic Holiday




Banana Teething Toy

Soothing sore gums is a top priority for a baby and Ana Banana is just the friend they’ve been looking for. This 100% natural rubber banana is one of the best toys for a 6 month old because it helps with both teething and sensory play.

Oli and Carol Anna Banana Teether

Oli and Carol Ana Banana




Unicorn Rattle

Beautifully crocheted, this unicorn does double time as a rattle and a cute toy! Plus, it helps babies learn about the cause and effect of their actions.


Cheengoo White Donut

Cheengoo Unicorn Ring Rattle




Double Maraca

Available in three colors, this fun maraca is a great introduction into the world of music. This is sure to become the baby’s favorite toy!

BabyNoise Wooden Double Maraca in Natural & White

BabyNoise Double Maraca




Playtime Activity Gym

This genius play gym / activity center includes five developmental zones as well as cards, mirrors and toys designed to help babies reach their milestones and start to develop hand-eye coordination. And it comes with a cute playmat included!


Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Activity Gym




Sensory Clutch Ball

Easy for babies to clutch, this is a fantastic toy to use during tummy time and to help in the development of fine and gross motor skills. Plus the different textures help with the development of a little one’s tactile senses.


Wee Gallery Sensory Clutch ball

Wee Gallery Organic Sensory Clutch Ball




Soft Baby Book

Soft enough for babies to explore on their own, this high contrast book is a wonderful way to introduce reading to an infant.

Wee Gallery First Soft Book - Tip Toe Tiger

Wee Gallery Baby’s First Soft Book




Cuddle Bunnies

Easy for little hands to hold, this cuddly toy can provide comfort at bedtime, in the stroller or in the car.

Wee Gallery Cuddle Bunny in Splatter

Wee Gallery Cuddle Bunnies Organic Cotton Doll





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