The Tot Craft Corner: Sensory play with dough

With Wee Can Too’s new concept of mixing the dough yourself, little ones can help add the water and in no time be rolling, shaping and playing using their hands to create masterpieces!

Photo by Niccola Drake

All children love playing with dough and this Veggie Sculpting Dough is all natural and made with organic food ingredients which is perfect for little children. Veggie Sculpting Dough is quick and easy to make and comes in 4 different colours – purple/blue made with real blueberries, orange made with real pumpkins, yellow made with real pumpkin and turmeric, and green made with real spinach!

Not only will your child love playing with Veggie Sculpting Dough, but they can also develop fine motor skills, learn concepts, develop creativity, curiosity and problem solving skills!






1. Empty your Veggie Sculpting Dough powder into bowls. Add several teaspoons of water and stir until dough is a desired consistency.


2. Knead and shape the dough into balls. Let the fun begin and play, play, play!


3. While playing with Veggie Sculpting Dough, children can squeeze, roll, push, pull, flatten and make different shapes, numbers and letters. To extend the learning opportunities and play possibilities, you can add any of the following items for your child to use with the Veggie Sculpting Dough. See our article on Reducing stress and anxiety with play dough for more ideas.

  • Rolling pins
  • Matchsticks
  • Pop sticks
  • Small toys
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Pots and pans
  • Cake trays
  • Natural materials- nuts, sticks, pebbles
  • Cookie cutters
  • Feathers


4. When your little one has finished playing with the Veggie Sculpting Dough, place the dough in the jar and refrigerate for further use.