The Tot Best-Sellers: 10 Toys for Outdoor Play

Getting to play outside allows children to strengthen their muscles, soak up Vitamin D, build their confidence and explore the world around them. To make the most of fun under the sun, here are 10 Tot-approved toys for outdoor play.

best outdoor toys

When kids get to play outside, their imaginations can soar, their minds can grow and their little bodies can figure out how to move and groove.

Particularly great for supporting the development of gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, outdoor play can also give parents some peace of mind. Being trapped in a confined space isn’t fun for anyone. Getting out and about helps kids (and parents) build endorphins, which makes everyone happier, healthier and ready for a good night’s sleep.

When shopping for an outdoor toy, we look for things that grow with our children. From balance bikes to scooters to transformable wagons, toys like these allow children to master their sense of balance, get in control of their arms and legs and zoom into life. Since kids sprout like little beans, having adjustable seats, handle bars and wheels is a must!

We also love toys that let kids engage with the earth. Mini gardening tools or a science kit can spark a sense of wonder and enable kids to question why and how things grow, discover cause and effect and gain a sense of appreciation for how magical our world can be.

Because both imaginative play and artistic play are wonderful for cognitive development and allowing kids to express their emotions, we also search for items like non-toxic chalk and playhouses. Both of these activities can be fun on your own or when played with friends.

Ready to get outside? Here are our picks for outdoor toys:


1. Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe Scooter

Micro Kickboard Scooter


2. Diggin Dodge Tag Game


Diggin Dodge Tag Game


3. Kitpas Dustless Chalk


Kitpas Dustless Chalk


4. Banwood Bikes First Go Balance Bike


Banwood Bike Balance Bicycle in Navy Blue


6. Plan Toys Mini Golf Set


Plan Toys Mini Golf Set


6. Sunnylife Gimme 5 Catch Game


Sunnylife Gimme 5 Catch Game


7. Green Toys Watering Can


Green Toys Watering Can


8. Baghera Great Wagon


Baghera My Great Wagon in Red


9. Moulin Roty Botanist Case


Moulin Roty Botanist Set


10. Adventure Parks Classic Disc Swing


Adventure Parks Classic Disc Swing