The Tot 10: Toys for Baby

Over the course of the first twelve months of your baby’s life, they’re going to be absorbing the world around them and hitting milestone after milestone. To help make the journey easier, we’ve listed 10 toys and how they can help your little one grow big and strong.


From the moment your baby is born, they’re absorbing the world around them through their five senses. They’re listening to your voice, differentiating between light and dark, slowly sharpening their depth perception and understanding motion. Reading books to them, like Mem Fox’s, Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes is especially important because it teaches your baby about communication and lays the foundation for their vocabulary.

Along with cognitive development, your baby is also gaining the strength to master critical fine and gross motor skills that will enable them to hold a pen, open a door, tie their shoe laces, run a race, type on a computer and so on. That’s why it’s imperative that you provide them with enough opportunities and toys to help them gain those skills.

In the first three months, introducing your infant to tummy time will help strengthen their neck and back muscles, which will ultimately aid them when they’re ready to sit-up. As your newborn gets older, you can place toys, like the Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Grab Ball, on the mat in front of them for them to reach for, which helps them reach the grasping and crawling milestones. The Babee GOTS Certified Organic Playmat is a wonderful option because it is easy to carry around, non-toxic and also machine washable.

Another great item to have is a rattle. The Bioserie Dumbbell Rattle is brightly colored, which is visually stimulating, but also has balls that cause noise and disappear into the handle when turned upside down. Having a rattle that your baby can manipulate demonstrates cause and effect, which simultaneously builds confidence. Since babies also like to explore their worlds with their mouths, it’s important to provide rattles and teethers that are non-toxic and safe to chew on.

As your baby gets older, you can introduce push toys and sorting blocks. By providing a toy like the Manny and Simon Taxi, your baby can make it zoom across the room or make its way up the leg of a table, which will fuel their imagination while helping them hone their hand-eye coordination. Bioserie’s Shape Sorting Stacking Cube can be used to teach colors and shapes and will really start to hone your tot’s fine motor skills. This type of toy is great for babies that can sit up on their own and are ready to practice playing independently.

Another fun way to help your baby with cognitive development is through sensory play. Not only will it help with their imagination and creative thinking, it provides a wonderful tactile experience, which will stimulate your baby’s senses. Sensory play like play-dough or finger paints can also be emotionally soothing. We Can Too’s Veggie Finger Paints are completely non-toxic and easy to clean, making them one of our top picks for infant craft ideas.

If you don’t want to break out the paints or play-dough, you could use Korxx Brickle Blocks to encourage their development. They’re brightly colored, lightweight and a super fun way for babies to work on their hand-eye coordination through stacking, knocking and organizing. Because they’re made from sustainable cork trees and food-grade dyes, you don’t have to worry when they end up in your tot’s mouth. (Which they totally will.)

Kids really are like little sponges, so the best way to help them build confidence, understand spacial awareness and gain the strength to reach their milestones is by aiding them with the type of toys that are fun AND functional.

The Tot 10:

From Birth

Babee GOTS Certified Organic Playmat



Tiny Bee Gift Co. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes book


3 months +

Bioserie Dumbbell Rattle


Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Grab Ball



6 months +

Manny and Simon Taxi Push Toy


Petit Collage Wooden Stroller Book



8 months +

Bioserie Shape Sorting Stacking Cube


We Can Too Veggie Finger Paint


10 months + 

Hape Beetle Walker



Korxx Brickle Blocks