The Tot 10 List: Gifts for 6-12 month olds

The 6 to 12-month period in a baby’s life is a terribly exciting time full of ‘firsts’ – their first solid foods, their first tentative crawl… We have put together a Tot 10 list of age appropriate items for this next phase of your tot’s growth and development.


It is truly an amazing time for any mama to witness their tot’s developmental milestones. How heart warming it is when their little one begins to sit up on her own or when she begins to crawl, when the first tooth appears or when she eats her first solid foods, and especially when she looks up into your eyes and and squeals with delight because she recognizes and loves you.

We have compiled our Tot 10 list of items that complement the exciting 6-12 month old age group. These thoughtful products allow for easy transitioning, they support a tot’s development, they are well-made and, last but not least, they’re chic-mama approved!

  1. Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle: Transitioning baby from breast to bottle feedings is not an easy feat. But luckily, the innovative Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle was designed to feel and function just like mama’s breast. With a one-piece nipple design that eliminates colic, and a skid-free base, the bottles require minimal assembly, and are easy to open and clean. BPA-free with no harmful chemicals, this breastfeeding bottle will create a happier and healthier feeding experience for both baby and mama.
  1. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair: When your little tot learns to sit up on his own, you will feel an enormous sense of pride. When you sit him up to eat his first solid food, the two things you want to have are a reliable high chair and your camera so you can remember this milestone with tons of pictures. The sturdy and elegant Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair is a beautifully crafted highchair that has an ergonomic adjustable seat to grow with your tot from infant to young adult, and a footplate with a safety 5-point harness. Made using water-based non-toxic-paint, bisphenol-free and phthalate-free – it’s a timeless piece.
  2. Baby Bjorn Organic Baby Miracle Carrier: As baby grows, she is curious and wide-eyed to see everything around her. Bond with her and show her the world by carrying her in the Baby Bjorn Organic Baby Miracle Carrier. This GOTS certified organic cotton carrier offers a comfortable waist belt and provides back support with a front-facing option. It is anatomically designed to carry baby from newborn to 15th months.
  3. Milkbarn Hooded TowelThere will be lots of bath time fun with your little tot but you’ll want to make sure that you keep him warm and dry afterwards. The Milkbarn Hooded Towel is made of GOTS certified organic cotton terry and will keep baby warm after splishing and splashing. The towel comes in a variety of fun prints including whale, hummingbird and fox.
  4. Stokke Flexibath with Newborn Support: Cherish your shared bath time moments in an award-winning ergonomic tub. There are many bathtubs for little tots out there, but what we love about the Stokke Flexibath is that it’s flexible and portable and it grows with baby from birth to 4 years! This space-saving tub is convenient for home and for travel.
  5. Modern Twist Bucket BibWhile it’s super cute to watch a baby eat and try different solid foods for the first time, it’s also a highly messy affair! The Modern Twist Bucket Bib is a plastic-free bib made of soft and reusable silicone. We love that it’s great for use at home or it can be rolled up and packed for on-the-go dining.  Free from lead, latex, phthalates, BPA’s and other harsh chemicals, this adorable bib comes in fun animal prints with pink and blue color options.
  6. 12 12 Footed Bodysuit: The moment when your little tot starts squealing with delight when you walks is hard to beat! Complement her cuteness with a beautifully-made 1212 Footed Bodysuit. Made of 100% organic pima cotton, this bodysuit snaps easily, with non-skid feet. It’s printed using eco-friendly dyes, and comes in classic shades of white, grey and soft pink.
  7. Dockatot Grand Dock: The Grand Dock is perfect for cuddling, playing, lounging, resting and everything in between. It’s ideal for travel—either from room to room, grandma’s house or on vacation. It’s also ideal for bed transitioning, thanks to built-in, air permeable bumpers that act as bed rails, allowing young children to settle more easily in a bigger bed. DockATot docks give little ones a snug sense of security in their newer, bigger beds. All materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic.
  8. Zoe Organics Deluxe Baby Gift Set: As much as we can, we want to surround our tots with all things pure and gentle. Especially when it comes to personal care products. The Zoe Organics Deluxe Baby Gift Set includes a soothing bath wash, diaper balm, baby oil and everything balm. These baby essentials give the gift of healthy skin and peace of mind for mama and baby.
  9. Manhattan Toy Co. Skwish Natural: As your little tot develops her gross motor skills, add a classic and multi-sensory toy with the Manhattan Toy Co. Skwish Natural. This all-natural toy is made of renewable rubberwood that encourages her little hands to grasp, reach and hold while rattling the beads that slide black and forth. This toy will fascinate babies, as it “skwishes” and returns to its original shape.