The Best Montessori Toys That Grow With Your Child

These toys provide the right level of challenge and opportunity for creativity to keep children engaged for years.

Wooden Montessori blocks

We’ve all done it.  Found a toy we know our child will love, only to watch them quickly tire of the novelty and return to their old favorites.

It can be hard to tell which toys will only be good for 30 minutes of fun and which will spark creativity and lead to hours of independent play for years to come.

When choosing Montessori-friendly toys, they should:

  • delight and entice the child to play and explore
  • be made using high quality materials and craftsmanship
  • allow for self directed play with the opportunity for problem solving and self correction
  • allow for creative and open-ended play
  • allow the child to engage in a meaningful activity
  • present opportunities for repetition, refinement and reflection

Here are a 7 Montessori-friendly toys that will grow with your child, rather than become another piece of clutter in an overflowing toy bin.

7 Montessori Toy Picks


Classic ABC Blocks with Wagon

There is something so captivating about wagons for young children.Perhaps it’s because it allows them to build their muscles as they push and pull things around or perhaps it’s because they’re usually the ones being pushed in a stroller and they enjoy the change in roles. Whatever the reason, young kids love wagons and this one is full of a classic block set that encourages all kinds of open-ended play and building fun.

Age recommendation: 2 years +

Uncle Goose ABC Blocks with Wagon AW19

Classic ABC Blocks with Wagon





Earth Colors Cube Set

Made of sustainable wood and painted beautifully with non-toxic paints, these blocks offer the perfect open-ended play opportunity. A younger child could simply build a tower or practice learning the names of the colors. A slightly older child could build simple structures or practice matching the colors.

And there is no limit to what an older tot could build with these simple cubes as they begin to engage in creative pretend play. A house? A rainbow? A pattern? The options are endless! 

Age recommendation: 3+ years

Raduga Graz Earth Cube Set

Raduga Grez Earth Colors Cube Set






L’Atelier De Patisserie Baking Set

Helping kids learn kitchen skills (or “practical life” skills in Montessori terms) is one of the key tenets of the Montessori system. It imparts tons of skills like basic math concepts, fine motor control, and concentration, but more importantly it gives children such a beautiful sense of pride and independence.

Providing children with the right sized tools enables them to be successful and comfortable while learning new skills. This real life mini baking set could not be more enticing for your budding sous chef! 

Age recommendation: 6 years +

Moulin Roty L'Atelier de Patisserie Baking Set


Moulin Roty L’Atelier De Patisserie Baking Set





Lunii Storyteller

It can be hard to find quiet, screen-free entertainment, especially for car and plane trips, but the Lunii Storyteller provides just that. This simple audio device is designed so that even very young children can use it independently.  It is also interactive, allowing children to choose elements of the story, such as key characters and the setting.

The Lunii is perfect for those times when your child needs a quiet activity, but you aren’t necessarily available to read to them at the moment.  It comes loaded with 48 stories, with more available for purchase, to keep children’s interest for years.

Age recommendation: 3-8 years


Lunii Storyteller





Dough Collector Set

One tenet of Montessori is that if you give children quality materials, they will take care of them. This set of scented modeling dough just begs to be cared for, from the lovely packaging to beautiful colors and smells. It provides a rich sensory experience and is 100% non-toxic, just in case your tot gets carried away… This dough set is so much fun for a child who loves to use cooking in their pretend play! 

Age recommendation: 2 years +

Dough Parlour Collectors Set

Dough Parlor Collector Set





All Seasons House

Toys like this wooden All Seasons House are so beneficial for children because they promote one of the most important kinds of pretend play.  They allow children to act out scenarios from their own life, which is a powerful way for children to process their experiences. These happy family sets would be the perfect compliment to the house! 

Age recommendation: 3 years +

Hape Wooden All Seasons doll house with furniture

Hape All Seasons House





Beginner Drum Set

If you have a budding young drummer in your house, this drum set would certainly get lots of use for years. Anything musical or artistic tends to hold children’s attention because there are so many ways for them to use these materials for creative expression as they grow.

Age recommendation: 3 years +

Green Tones Beginner Drum Set

Green Tones Beginner Drum Set





To stand the test of time and grow with your tot, a toy has to be both fun and challenging.  These toys offer just that, and can engage your tot for years to come.


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