The Best (And Most Stylish) Kid-Friendly Rugs

Rugs can be a place to play, a guardian of a floor and stylish focal piece all at the same time. When it comes to choosing one for your kids, you’re going to want to make sure it’s non-toxic, easy to clean and extremely durable. To help you find the perfect option, here are our tips and picks.

stylish kids rugs

When a child enters a room, it can often feel like a hurricane making landfall. Items that had sat peacefully on a shelf for years are suddenly zooming through the air, toys are upended and water is in places where no water should be.

Because our floors bear the brunt of the damage, we love putting down rugs. Not just practical (they can literally save a carpet or freshly polished floorboards,) they also add style, warmth and charm. They provide a soft place for kids to play, complement a room’s theme and can be great added insulation.

The main thing to think about when shopping for a rug is safety. What is it made of? Is it no or low VOC? VOC stands for volatile organic compound. These chemicals can off gas, which can cause respiratory and skin irritations. Babies and kids will be rolling on the rug, picking dropped food off the rug (and putting it in their mouths) so you want to make sure it’s made with non-toxic dyes, adhesives and backing.

Now let’s talk about durability. Like we said – kids can cause a lot of damage and make quite impressive messes. Brands like Lorena Canals kept this in mind when designing their machine washable rugs. Crafted from non-toxic and certified organic materials, they made it their mission to create rugs that can keep up with the needs of a family. They know that just like your tot’s clothes, their rugs will probably need to be washed a lot too.

Lorena Canals Bereber Rug

Ruggish also knows how kids want to use rugs, which is why they put a lot of thought into the design of their Cali Play Rug. On one side there’s a stylish print and on the other – a map that is the perfect track for kids to race their cars on. If you share your living space with your kids, we know that the struggle between kid decor and adult decor can be real. Want to entertain friends in the evening without your house looking like a daycare center? Simply flip the Cali Play Rug to the print side, dim the lights and off you go!

If you’re looking to cover a larger area or love the benefits of a wool rug (naturally hypoallergenic, flame resistant and durable), check out the new selection from Pehr. Their designs are the perfect combination of traditional and playful making them an option your tot can use from birth through college.


Our Picks:


Lorena Canals Machine Washable Azteca Rug – available in two sizes and colors

Lorena Canals Azteca Rug

Lorena Canals Azteca Rug

$227 – $248




Lorena Canals Machine Washable Round ABC Rug (5′ D)

 Lorena Canals Round ABC Rug





Lorena Canals Machine Washable Hippy Rug (4′ x 5′) – available in four colors

Lorena Canals Hippy Rug - yellow

Lorena Canals Hippy Rug - pinkLorena Canals Hippy Rug - mintLorena Canals Hippy Rug - Lilac





Nico & Yeye Mid-Century Grid Kids Rug (4′ x 6′)

Nico & Yeye Mid Century Grid Rug 





Nico & Yeye Retro Rainbow Kids Rug (2.5′  x 3.28′)

Nico & Yeye Retro Rainbow Kids Rug





Ruggish Cali Play Rug (4′-7″ x 6′-9″) – available in two colors

Ruggish Cali Play Rug Purpole Updated

Ruggish Play Rug in street map