Storage Do’s And Don’ts: How To Keep Kiddie Clutter Under Control

Interior Stylist Magdalene Liacopoulos talks all things storage and how to keep the pesky issue of clutter at bay.

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Like peanut butter and jelly, clutter and kids go hand in hand. Considering the sheer volume of stuff that comes with having children — from toys, books and games to clothes, shoes and accessories — it’s no surprise! 

Clutter has a tendency to feel relentless. One minute the piles are all under control, but the next minute, there they are again, rearing their ugly heads. Storage containers are the key to keeping clutter at bay and offer a quick, simple way for both parents and children to stow items after use.

Here are some tips to help you on your way:


Invest In Adequate Storage


Good-quality storage is a must-have in any children’s room. If you don’t have a wardrobe and/or a dresser, then that’s your first step. There are a variety of styles to suit all spaces from three, five or six drawers! The dream scenario would be a six-drawer dresser like the Babyletto Hudson or Nico & Yeye Lukka, which are both generous in size. 

Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better, particularly in a small room. A large piece of furniture might help with clutter, but you don’t want to substitute storage for space — it will make the room look cramped. The Spot on Square Alto Dresser, which is a neat 34″ wide, or the Babyletto Eero 4-Drawer Dresser, are two great choices when space is limited.


Babyletto Eero Four Drawer Dresser

Babyletto Eero Four Drawer Dresser





Spot on Square Alto Dresser 34" Wide - White

Spot on Square Alto Dresser – 34″ wide


$999 – $1311.25

Available in more colors



Nico & Yeye Lukka Modern 6-Drawer Dresser – Maple



Available in more colors



Babyletto Hudson 6-in-1 Double Drawer Dresser AW19

Babyletto Hudson 6 Drawer Dresser



Available in more colors




Don’t Underestimate Small Storage Items


Having small storage solutions in place is key to keeping your child’s room well organized. While the bulk of items will live in a wardrobe and drawers, don’t underestimate small storage solutions, such as baskets and caddies that help give everything a home.

Toys that are in regular use can live in the toy box, while anything else can be stored away in containers. If you’re on the hunt for a toy box, the one by Nico & Yeye on castors is great because its open design means it’s easy to use and there’s no-fussing while trying to lift a lid. You can also wheel it around and easily transport it from room to room. 

Books are another item that without a designated spot get strewn across the room or take up valuable real estate atop the nightstand or dresser, making a room feel instantly cluttered. An especially space-friendly option is a wall-mounted bookshelf. Not only does it save floor space by maximizing the wall space, it also allows for easy access to your children’s favorite books. I love the Ubabub Books Wall Bookshelf; it’s made from high-quality, clear acrylic to blend seamlessly into the space and make the book covers a focal point.


Nico & Yeye Toy Box Chest on Castors – Maple



Available in more colors



Ubabub Booksee Wall Bookshelf Set





Everyday actions to stave off clutter


The right storage solutions help eliminate clutter, but you need to stay organized to keep on top of it. Clothing and accessories need to be sorted, organized in sections, and folded neatly to maximize drawer space, or hung on coat hangers. Ideally any seasonal pieces, such as raincoats and winter coats, will be stored away up high in a closet or in storage containers underneath the bed. And definitely make sure go through all items of clothing seasonally to re-evaluate what you need to keep, sell or donate.


Lighten the load with the help of your kids


A massive cull is needed prior to re-organizing. Now’s the time to go through everything. Involve your children in this part of the process by seeing what they don’t like or are not playing with anymore to help with deciding what stays, what can be passed onto friends or donated. 

Regular maintenance is key


Once you have done the hard work of sorting, invested in the right storage (big and small), filled drawers, and given everything a home – you’ll need some regular maintenance to stay clutter-free. Allocate a half an hour to an hour per week, including doing a quick sweep or vacuum of the room, put clothes away, throw out rubbish, and ensure that everything is in its place.

Let the kids help out, too! Give them daily chores to help keep their rooms clean and organized. For example, every morning beds need to be made, and every evening dirty clothes must be placed in the laundry baskets. Books and toys should be put away in their allocated area. They’ll learn to take pride in their space and gain a sense of mastery knowing where even their smallest treasure is stowed.



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