The Tot 10: Best Kids Storage

Being able to properly store your tot’s books, toys and clothes can figuratively and literally save your sanity as well as the integrity of your décor. We have 10 incredible solutions that both parents and kids will love.

Kids toy storage shelf

No matter the size or layout of your home, toys, jackets, books, and shoes tend to trickle down stairs, through doorways and into our already bursting at the seams minds. Clutter and mess can make people feel anxious, distracted and overwhelmed, which is why it’s crucial to help your kids (and yourself) stay organized.

By providing simple storage solutions like baskets or shelving, kids can gain the independence needed to learn how to pack away themselves or find specific toys while having a play date. You’ll notice many of these products have been designed to display books and toys, which makes it easier for kids to find what they’re looking for.


Best Storage Solutions For Kids


#1 Olli Ella Neutra Lidded Basket


Available in medium and large sizes, Olli Ella’s Neutra Lidded Basket will keep dirty laundry, shoes, sports gear, books, toys and more out of sight! The best part: it works with any age, stage or room in your house!


Olli Ella Neutra Basket Large


Olli Ella Neutra Lidded Basket


Ranging from $105 – $150

Medium / Large




#2 Lorena Canals Candy Box Basket – Large


Handmade in India, The Lorena Canals Candy Box Basket is perfect for storing smaller toys, jewelry, art supplies and other knick knacks. Available in pale pink or blue, the lid keeps any room looking nice and tidy.


Lorena Canals Candy Box Basket Blue Large

Lorena Canals Candy Box Basket – Large



Available in more colors




#3 Pehr Happy Days Hamper


Nothing makes us happier than a freshly cleaned room! The Pehr Happy Days Hamper will bring joy and organisation to any home.


Petit Pehr Happy Days Hamper


Pehr Happy Days Hamper







#4 Pehr Printed Cube Storage Bin


Screen printed by hand using AZO-free dyes, Petit Pehr’s sturdy canvas cubes are incredibly versatile. From organising toys on shelves to clothes in closets to craft supplies to toiletries or linens, the handles make them super easy to take in and out or from room to room.


Pehr Printed Cube Storage Bin Navy

Pehr Printed Cube Storage Bin



Available in more colors




#5 Sprout Six Cube Shelf


You simply can’t go wrong with a cube shelf! Whether you want to use it open or with a canvas storage bin, it’s a no-fuss way to help your tot keep their books, toys or clothes in order.


Sprout Six Cube Shelf


Sprout Six Cube Shelf






#6 Sprout Luce Shelf – Triple 60


A sleek and neutral piece that will look just as good in your entry as it will in your tot’s nursery, the Sprout Luce Shelf provides easy access for kids to store their toys. By having it on their level, it will encourage independence!


Sprout Luce Shelf


Sprout Luce Shelf – Triple 60






#7 Oeuf Toy Storage


We love Oeuf’s Toy Storage free-standing shelving because it has nine separate bins that can be tilted for display or positioned flat to store all of your tot’s favorite toys. It’s also optimal art supply storage!


Oeuf toy Storage


Oeuf Toy Storage






#8 Oeuf Mini Library


With both open and closed storage, the Oeuf Mini Library is a modern minimalist’s dream! With a Scandinavian feel, it will slip seamlessly into any décor and provides the ultimate in organization.


Oeuf Mini Library


Oeuf Mini Library






#9 Olli Ella Storie Stool


The clever Olli Ella Storie Stool is a sweet place for tots to store their favorite books! Handmade of rattan, it’s does double time as a seat.


Olli Ella Storie Stool


Olli Ella Storie Stool







 #10 Spot on Square Alto Dresser – 34″ Wide


Sustainably made of green grade eco-MDF from 100% recycled/reclaimed FSC-certified wood, the Spot on Square Alto Dresser is a nursery room addition that may just go off to college with your tot!


Spot on Square Alto Dresser 34" Wide - White


Spot on Square Alto Dresser – 34″ Wide


Ranging from $950 – $1050

Available in more colors



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