The Best Plastic-Free Toy Storage

Being able to properly store your tot’s books, toys and clothes can figuratively and literally save your sanity as well as the integrity of your décor. We have 9 incredible solutions that both parents and kids will love.

Kids storing their toys in a wooden toy box

No matter the size or layout of your home; toys, jackets, books, and shoes tend to trickle down stairs, through doorways and into our already bursting at the seams minds.

Clutter and mess can make both parents and children feel anxious, distracted and overwhelmed, which is why it’s crucial to help your kids (and yourself) stay organized. As parents who like to look out for other parents, we’re sharing our ten favorite kids toy storage products!

By providing simple storage solutions like baskets or shelving, kids can gain the independence needed to learn how to pack away themselves or find specific toys while having a play date. You’ll notice many of our favorite products have been designed to display books and toys, which makes it easier for kids to find what they’re looking for. Some even have integrated play spaces!

The other great thing about finding effective toy storage solutions is that they can be used for you to rotate toys. It’s no secret that kids may play with something incessantly for a week only to grow tired of it and discard it into the abyss of their closet. One way we’ve kept our kids engaged is by rotating toys every four months or so. The return of a once loved (and then forgotten) dollhouse sparks new interest and will bring nearly as much joy as getting a new toy!

Ready to get your tot’s toys sorted? Scroll down to see our top products!


Best Toy Storage Solutions For Kids




#1 Nico & Yeye Toy Box Chest on Casters



Available in both sustainably source walnut and maple hardwood and in a range of fun colors, the Nico & Yeye Toy Box Chest is easy for kids to roll around their rooms or drag outside to play! The best part: It’s UL Greenguard Gold Certified meaning it’s been screened for over 10,000 chemicals and VOCs known to pollute indoor air and meets the rigorous chemical emissions standards of UL, a global independent safety science company.


Nico & Yeye Toy Box Chest on Casters


Nico & Yeye Toy Box Chest on Casters – Walnut



Available in more colors





Nico & Yeye Toy Box Chest on Casters – Maple



Available in more colors




#2 Oeuf Toy Storage


We love Oeuf’s Toy Storage free-standing shelving because it has nine separate bins that can be tilted for display or positioned flat to store all of your tot’s favorite toys or art supplies. Once your tot is passed the toy stage of life, it can be used to organize hobby materials or even gardening tools.


Oeuf toy Storage

Oeuf Toy Storage






#3 Babyletto Dottie Bookcase


Babyletto Bookcase Dottie


If you’re looking for a Montessori Method inspired shelf, the Babyletto Dottie Bookcase is the answer! Designed to offer kids a minimal and easy to access space for their blocks, books, game sets and/or trophies, it is something that works in any room of the house!


Babyletto Dottie Bookcase


Babyletto Dottie Bookcase






#4 Lorena Canals Woody Basket


Lorena Canals Woody Basket - Pearl Blue


Handmade in India from sturdy cotton canvas, the chemical-free Lorena Canals Woody Basket is the machine-washable hamper you’ve been dreaming of! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to store dirty clothing, stuffed animals, sports gear (or your sanity), it’s an easy to love and durable option! And yes, it comes in loads of different colors.

Lorena Canals Woody Basket - Pearl Blue


Lorena Canals Woody Basket



Available in more colors




#5 Babyletto Tally Storage Bookshelf 


Babyletto Bookcase


Designed to be the perfect height for kids, the Babyletto Tally Bookshelf allows kids to store books with the cover out, which makes it super easy for them to find their favorite bedtime story at night. Modern and minimal, it’s something that can be passed down from sibling to sibling!


Babyletto Tally Storage Bookcase


Babyletto Tally Storage Bookshelf






#6 Olli Ella Luggy Basket


Olli Ella Luggy Basket in White in room setting


While the Luggy is a fantastic place to store toys, it’s also kind of a toy itself! Suitable for use indoors and out, kids will love toting their beloved plush toys on backyard adventures or even wheeling you their dirty clothing!


Olli Ella Luggy Basket Straw


Olli Ella Luggy Basket – Small



Available in more colors




#7 Pehr Happy Days Hamper


Nothing makes us happier than a freshly cleaned room! The Pehr Happy Days Hamper will bring joy and organization to any home.


Petit Pehr Happy Days Hamper

Pehr Happy Days Hamper






#8 Nursery Works Tree Bookcase


Nursery Works Tree Bookcase in Sage Green in Nursery


I know. We can’t handle the cuteness of the Nursery Works Tree Bookcase either! Available in a variety of colors, it adds functionality as well as a touch of whimsy to any room!


Nursery Works Tree Bookcase Sage Green


Nursery Works Tree Bookcase



Available in more colors




#9 Guidecraft Notch Block Storage Cart


While the Guidecraft Notch Block Storage Cart is technically for the brand’s Notch Block Set, it comes with wheels and can be used for mobile storage of any set of blocks…. or building sets, books, puzzles, games and so on!

Guidecraft Notch Blocks Storage Cart


Guidecraft Notch Block Storage Cart






Guidecraft Notch Blocks

Guidecraft Wooden Notch Blocks






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