The Tot 10: Kids’ storage products

Being able to properly store your tot’s books, toys and clothes can figuratively and literally save your sanity as well as the integrity of your décor. We have 10 incredible solutions that both parents and kids will love.


No matter the size or layout of your home, toys, jackets, books, and shoes tend to trickle down stairs, through doorways and into our already bursting at the seams minds. Clutter and mess can make people feel anxious, distracted and overwhelmed, which is why it’s crucial to help your kids (and yourself) stay organized.

By providing simple storage solutions like baskets or shelving, kids can gain the independence needed to learn how to pack away themselves or find specific toys while having a play date. You’ll notice many of these products have been designed to display books and toys, which makes it easier for kids to find what they’re looking for.

Our picks:

1. Olli Ella Luggy Basket

Olli Ella Luggy Basket Rose

Perfectly sized to store and tote your little one’s most prized possessions, the Luggy Basket will go with your child everywhere from the playground to the backyard with ease!


2. Babyletto Tally Storage Bookshelf


Specifically designed for kids, the Babyletto Tally Storage Bookshelf lets your tot’s books face out so it’s easy for them to pick which one they want to read. It can also be used to display toys or hold items like stuffed animals.


3. Lorena Canals Bubbly Basket


Made of durable braided cotton, this storage basket can be used for laundry, shoes, toys, books and more. Incredibly versatile, the minimalist design and understated pom poms mean it can be used even as your kids get older.


4. Ubabub Booksee Wall Bookshelf Set


Another product that can be used well into adulthood, the Ubabub Booksee Wall Bookshelf Set is made of high quality acrylic and displays books, photos or other artworks face out for functionality and style.


5. Oeuf Toy Storage


We love Oeuf’s Toy Storage free-standing shelving because it has nine separate bins that can be tilted for display or positioned flat to store all of your tot’s favorite toys. It’s also optimal art supply storage!


6. Oeuf Mini Library


With both open and closed storage, the Oeuf Mini Library is a modern minimalist’s dream! With a Scandinavian feel, it will slip seamlessly into any décor and provides the ultimate in organization.


 7. ducduc Parker Bed with Storage Drawers

DucDuc Parker Bed with low footboard in White Aura

With a a low footboard and storage drawers, the ducduc parker bed has upholstered panels to cozy-up this classic and functional look.


8. Nursery Works Tree Bookcase


Looking for a statement piece that also delivers storage space? Look no more – the Nursery Works Tree Bookcase is the woodland bookshelf of your dreams. With the ability to hold around 100 books and toys, it’s made of non-toxic materials and safely secures to your child’s bedroom wall.


9. Petit Pehr Striped Hamper


Another great store it all option, the Petit Pehr Striped Hamper has cut out handles that are easy for little hands to carry (or drag.) Want your tot to bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room? Get them the Petit Pehr Striped Hamper!


10. Olli Ella Storie Stool


The Olli Ella Storie Stool is handmade (and fair trade!) to provide your tot with a step up, a place to sit as well as a place to store. Incredibly light and made at kid height, your child can carry it from room to room depending on the activity.